As With Everything, It’s About Location Location Location – Ledger Independent

Kentucky Congressman James Comer Wednesday posted about an interesting morning he had recently. The Republican Leader of the House Oversight Committee shared how he showed his identification a half dozen times before noon. In order, Comer used his ID to buy fuel at a gas station, to check…

Posted on 2 days ago

Morris’ Finishing Touches is Philpot, Kentucky’s Hidden Gem –

Morris' Finishing Touches specializes in unique gifts handcrafted from high-quality wood. They make many beautiful, custom handmade pieces of wooden treasures. Meet Dennis and check out some of his beautifully handcrafted products.Morris' Finishing Touches, LLCMorris' Finishing Touches, LLCloading...One of my favorite booths at Kraftucky each year is Morris'…

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Eating Broccoli – Ledger Independent

“I bought more broccoli because I knew you were coming,” my mother informed me. You can never get enough broccoli, that is my belief. I am lucky in that I never had to acquire a taste for vegetables out of some sort of concern for my health. I…

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M&T Listeners ‘I’m Not Doing This Chore Anymore’ Because Of COVID –

If there is one thing I've learned about the COVID pandemic it's that it gave us too much time at home and we all got a little crazy. First we went crazy about baking. So. Much. Banana bread. Then we all moved on to having to work out…

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