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From toilet paper to kids' toys.



There’s no denying the plastic organizer trend isn’t going away anytime soon. While this aesthetic remains popular on Instagram and TikTok, not everyone wants a display of rainbow pens out in the open as part of their decor scheme. Stealthily storing essentials in decorative objects can be a better way to go and creates a more cohesive aesthetic throughout your home. Here are a few new and easy ways to store common items throughout the home, yet out of sight.


Personal Care Essentials

Want to keep cotton balls, Q-tips, and wipes on hand without clear plastic jars or storing them inconveniently under the sink? Consider using ginger jars, which are available in a variety of sizes, shapes, and designs instead. While there are some inexpensive options online—consider exploring your local thrift shop or antiques store. Ginger jars look even more stylish when mismatched.

Another alternative is to stash these items in small bowls meant for serving dips or sauces on a bathroom shelf or out on the sink. No matter the style of your bathroom, you can find a bowl that will complement it. Not only does this add a decorative touch, but if you scour your kitchen for those rarely used pieces, you can decorate your bathroom for free and enjoy them more often.

Toilet Paper

While it’s always a good idea to leave some extra toilet paper out, especially if you’re having guests, it’s not exactly the sleekest aesthetic. Instead of stacking rolls on top of the toilet (yikes) or using a storage stand, opt for a large floor planter instead. While the toilet paper will be just as accessible, a planter will enhance your space instead of detracting from it. It’s also an opportunity to add a pop of color or a fun pattern.



We all have lots of things we can’t part with—from wedding invitations to old holiday cards and first teddy bears. Finding a place to store these miscellaneous items can be a challenge, especially if closet space is limited or you don’t want to store them in a bin in the garage. A decorative trunk can be a great solution to this problem and gives bedrooms or living rooms a unique look. While you can find great options at thrift stores and estate sales, Petite Keep is a fantastic choice. These gorgeous trunks are available in several colors and feature customizable interiors. They also provide a vintage-meets-grand-millennial touch.

Toys, Cables, and Shoes

From dolls to phone chargers and house slippers, items that don’t have specific homes tend to pile up on the floor and create clutter. Instead of cubbies or entryway shoe racks (who wants to display dirty shoes?), interior designer Jennifer Hunter recommends using woven storage baskets instead. “Understanding the lifestyle of the client and the overall aesthetic of the room, you can creatively conceal items such as children's toys, living room tables, and entryway shoes in a way that seamlessly blends in with the overall design,” she says. “I always love to utilize woven storage baskets as they add lovely texture to the space but are also functional as an additional storage option. When it comes to children's rooms, their toys can clutter a space, so providing beautiful toy trunks is a great solution to consolidate these items but also make them easily accessible for young children.”

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