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What are the best toys and games to help kids learn about archaeology and history?

After a year-long excavation, Egypt recently unveiled dozens of new archaeological discoveries that will help us not only understand our past, but also how it fits into our world today. Findings include two ancient tombs and a sarcophagus that date between 2500 B.C and 2100 B.C, which may be the oldest and most complete mummy found in Egypt thus far.

Groundbreaking discoveries are the perfect way to introduce kids to the world of history and educate them while having fun with STEM toys. If you want to get kids excited about learning, here are the best toys and games so kids can unearth treasures of their own.

The latest Egyptian archaeological discovery

In January 2023, Egypt presented the findings of a year-long excavation led by the director, Zahi Hawass, Egypt’s most renowned archaeologist. Discoveries “were found beneath an ancient stone enclosure near the Saqqara pyramids,” which is part of a sprawling necropolis that includes the Giza Pyramids. 

Two tombs were uncovered, one belonging to a priest from the fifth dynasty and the other to a palace official known as “the keeper of the secrets.” The team also found a 15-meter shaft that contained a large limestone sarcophagus belonging to a man named Heka-shepes. At 4,300 years old and completely untouched, it’s expected to be the oldest and most complete mummy to date. Director Hawass said, “I put my head inside to see what was inside the sarcophagus: A beautiful mummy of a man completely covered in layers of gold.” Other findings include statues, amulets and ancient tools.

The importance of STEM toys

STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Math. Any toys that provide an educational concept in those fields is considered a STEM toy or game. Many of these toys and games take a hands-on approach and teach kids that they can learn and have fun simultaneously. Examples of STEM toys include fossil-digging kits, board games and LEGOs. In addition to promoting fun learning, STEM toys introduce kids to the world of science, teach problem-solving, improve fine motor skills and enrich creative thinking.

Best kids toys and games about archaeology and history

Best National Geographic Mega Fossil Dig Kit

National Geographic Mega Fossil Dig Kit

Let kids feel like they’re participating in an archaeological discovery while digging into this fossil kit. Kids get to find 15 fossils from around the world, including shark teeth, dinosaur bones, ammonites and coral. The kit comes with everything needed to excavate real fossils, such as a chisel, brush and magnifying glass. Sold by Amazon

Best XX Egyptian Antique Excavation Dig Kit

XX Egyptian Antique Excavation Dig Kit

For those interested specifically in Egyptian artifacts, consider this antique dig kit packed with one of six unique mummy artifacts. Plus, this pack of six kits provides hours of learning fun and allows kids the opportunity to collect all six surprises. Also included are a chisel and brush. Sold by Amazon

Best Lonely Planet Kids Build Your Own History Museum

Lonely Planet Kids Build Your Own History Museum

Learn about ancient artifacts, cultures and traditions by building your own history museum. Kids are tasked with assembling the treasures and assigning them to the correct room before the museum’s grand opening. Inside are a Greek temple, Egyptian sarcophagus, Chinese Terracotta Army and a ton of cool facts. Sold by Amazon

Best Peaceable Kingdom Museum at Midnight

Peaceable Kingdom Museum at Midnight

After having a blast completing the puzzle, kids then need to locate the objects and artifacts scattered around the museum. For help, turn off the lights and shine the included blacklight on the puzzle to see which items glow. This game teaches critical thinking, problem-solving and fine motor skills. Sold by Amazon

Best Underdog Games Trekking The World

Underdog Games Trekking the World

Travel around the world without leaving your house, thanks to this educational family board game. Read the card associated with all the wonders of the world to learn amazing facts, such as the Pyramids of Giza, Acropolis of Athens and Niagara Falls. It’s perfect for ages 8 and up. Sold by Amazon

Best Archaeology for Kids-Uncovering the Mysteries of Our Past

 “Archaeology for Kids: Uncovering the Mysteries of Our Past”

In addition to photos and accurate facts about archaeology, this book also contains 25 interesting activities and projects that teach kids how to track soil age by color, how to make a surface survey of a site, how to count tree rings to date a find and much more. Sold by Amazon

Best Dan & Darci Dig a Dozen Dino Egg Dig Kit

Dan & Darci Dig a Dozen Dino Egg Dig Kit

Dig up 12 dinosaur eggs, each with a unique type of dinosaur, from a stegosaurus to a pterodactyl to a tyrannosaurus rex. This kit also comes with 12 learning cards describing the history of each dinosaur, 12 dual-ended chisels and brushes and 12 instruction cards. Sold by Amazon

Best LEGO Jurassic World T. Rex Dinosaur Fossil Exhibition Building Kit

LEGO Jurassic World T. Rex Dinosaur Fossil Exhibition Building Kit

LEGO kits are excellent STEM toys, and this one is perfect for those who love fossils and history. With 198 pieces, it’s ideal for ages 7 and up to build their own tyrannosaurus rex fossil exhibition and also comes with several mini-figures. Sold by Amazon

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