Ai Weiwei’s ‘censored’ Lego sculpture to go on show at Design … – The Times


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A “field” of contraband Lego bricks donated to Ai Weiwei by supporters around the world after the Danish toy company refused to supply him with a bulk order will be displayed in Britain this spring.

It will be among the artist’s new works on show at the Design Museum in London, including a display of 100,000 porcelain cannon balls made thousands of years ago during the Song dynasty, and a “field” of 200,000 porcelain spouts from teapots and wine ewers made during the same era.

Museum curators promise they have learned lessons from the last time Ai was accused of “endangering” visitors with clouds of porcelain dust as they walked over his interactive exhibit of 100 million hand-painted porcelain sunflower seeds at the Tate.


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