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Conz Preti and her family enjoying nature.

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  • It wasn't until I had kids that I realized the impact baby and kid products have on the environment.
  • I set to find the most eco-friendly products for my children. 
  • From compostable diapers to eco-friendly toys, these are my favorites.  

I started looking for more eco-conscious products when I was pregnant with twins

Conz Preti and her twins

Conz Preti

The childcare product industry creates a huge amount of waste every year — think disposable diapers, clothes, plastic toys, and bottles that kids outgrow. 

Before having children I was unaware of how much waste a tiny human could create. Once my first was born and we were going through 12 diapers a day, it made me want to seek more sustainable options. When I had twins two years later, this became even more true. 

We now only use compostable diapers, buy clothes made out of recycled plastic bottles, and trade outgrown clothes for gently used ones in bigger sizes.

For parents trying to be more environmentally conscious, here are some of my favorite companies and products making a change — including everything from compostable products to clothes made from deadstock fabric. All have been tested and are loved by my three children. 

Montessori play kits that are safe for the environment

two toddlers playing with colorful building blocks

Conz Preti/Insider

Lovevery, $80 per playkit  

My kids are obsessed with everything we have from Lovevery. One of our favorites is their block set, because it allows all three kids to play together creatively. Knowing that the company's products are made with eco-conscious materials, like sustainably-harvested wood and water-based paint, makes it one of my favorite brands for gift-giving products to other new parents.

A service that helps keep clothes out of landfills

Swoondle Society trade in example

Courtesy of Swoondle Society

Swoondle Society, membership $15 per month.

Send outgrown clothes that are in good condition to Swoondle Society and you'll get credits to "buy" used clothes. The things Swoondle can't use — goods that are stained or damaged, for example —  they will recycle. I've sent many bags full of baby clothes my now-toddlers are too big to wear, and have traded them for bigger sizes that will last us for years. 

Plates designed by a pediatrician with health in mind

Ahimsa plates

Courtesy of Ahimsa

Ahimsa stainless steel plates, $64 for a set

These plates are free of harmful chemicals like BPA, phthalates, and melamine. They also won't chip, making them a great investment since they'll last a long time. My kids love them because they can separate the food in each section, so when we have pasta night they can put their cheese in one side while the pasta is on the other. 

A silicone reusable alternative for storing breast milk

Junobie reusable breastmilk bags


Junobie milk container, $19.99

I pumped breast milk for all my children. With the twins, I overproduced milk, which meant our fridge and freezer were full of breast milk baggies. I hated that they were singe-use, storing just 6 oz in each.

These Junobie bags are made of FDA-approved silicone and be reused over and over again. They are safe for both freezer and fridge and can go in the dishwasher. Now that my kids are off breast milk, we use them for on-the-go snacks. 

Diapers and wipes that are fully compostable

Mom and baby with Coterie wipes

Coterie Wipes

Julie Golstone/Insider

Coterie diapers, $85 and wipes, $26

I discovered this brand when the twins were about 6 months old, and I wish I had heard about them sooner. The wipes are better at cleaning messes than any others I've tried; they are bigger, thicker, and don't slip off your hand. Both the diapers and wipes are compostable, too.

A handmade organic cotton taxi cab that kids of all ages can play with

Fabric taxi cab


Estella Taxi cab, $42

All my kids were born in New York City, so having them play with a yellow cab makes my heart glow. But this is not just any yellow cab. It's hand-made with organic cotton and safe for kids of all ages to play with. I also like that it's a car without all the noise and blinking lights, providing a more peaceful playtime.

A sippy cup that's made of plants

Girl drinking from sippy cup

Courtesy Green Sprouts

green sprouts sippy cup, $14.99

Although it looks and feels like normal plastic, this sippy cup is made from plants. It was key in transitioning my twins from bottles to cups after they were done with breast milk and formula.

An adorable waterproof raincoat made out of recycled plastic bottles

Girl wearing a rain jacket


Mori Mori raincoat, $44.75

After discovering this brand, I've been recommending it to everyone who will listen. Mori Mori's clothes are not only adorable, but also practical, durable, and sustainable.

My kids love wearing every one of the pieces they have. One of their favorites is this dinosaur jacket made out of recycled plastic bottles. It is warm, waterproof, and cute.

A canvas set that's part toy, part decoration, and endless hours of fun

Girls playing with Follies

Courtesy of Follies

Follies, canvas set $159

Follies allows children to build their own structures, tear them apart and start all over again. The possibilities are endless and help foster imagination and creativity in kids. They can build houses, spaceships, and anything else they can think of.

The non-toxic shapes are made from recyclable plastic. My kids used their set a lot during the cold winter days when we spent little time outside, collaborating on structures and decorating them. 

A clothing brand that doesn't mass-produce

Children by tree

Conz Preti

Feltman Brothers, knit set $72.95

I'm not the kind of parent who plans outfits for special occasions in advance. Instead, I rely on this brand to get my kids looking sharp and cute at the same time. Feltman Brothers clothes are classic and come with attention to detail, but at the same time are made for play in mind. Their clothes are hand-tailored, and nothing is mass-produced.

A sustainable stroller you can fold with one hand

Baby in stroller

Courtesy of Bombi Gear

Bombi Gear stroller, $199.99

As the parent of three kids under the age of 4, I'm always looking for products that make my life easier, and the Bombi stroller is exactly that. It's easy to fold with one hand, making it ideal for traveling with kids. The canopy and fabric are made of recycled plastic bottles.

Bathing suits made of recycled fishing nets

Mon Coeur swim trunks

Courtesy of Mon Coeur

Mon Coeur, boy swim trunks $42

We live in a coastal city known for its fishing, so when I found these trunks made of recycled fishing nets I was hooked. We've seen firsthand how much waste fishing can create, and how much of it ends up washing ashore.

The founder of the brand created it while pregnant with her first child. She wanted to buy eco-conscious baby clothes and when she couldn't find any, she created her own.

Fun pajamas made of deadstock material

Hanna Andersson PJs

Courtesy of Hanna Andersson

Hanna Andersson limited edition pajamas, $42

My kids sleep almost exclusively in Hanna Andersson pajamas. The prints are fun, the cuts are comfortable, and the clothes last forever. For Earth Day the brand launched a collection made  of deadstock material from previous collections, using leftover clothes for fun, unmatched pajamas. Once the pieces are sold out, there will be no more of that print, making the items almost collectible. The brand will add to the collection every season. 

An already loved company by parents and kids that has always thought about the environment

Girl reading books

Courtesy of Melissa & Doug

Melissa and Doug, set of three books $16.29

I bet most parents have a Melissa & Doug product in their playroom without even noticing. This brand is loved by parents and kids, not only because its products are engaging but because they are affordable and easy to find in major retailers.

Melissa & Doug's natural play collection includes items made from recycled materials. My twins are obsessed with the baby animal books and puzzles, which have helped them identify animals from dolphins to polar bears. 

A plant-dyed weighted blanket

Child sleeping with baloo blanket

Courtesy of baloo

Baloo weighted blanket, $149

Sleeping with a weighted blanket changed my life. When my son was having sleep issues before a planned surgery, we introduced a weighted blanket appropriate for his size and weight.

The Baloo blanket is plant-dyed, removing harmful chemicals from what should be the most peaceful environment for children. 

An eco-friendly bubble wand

Wooden bubble makers

Kiko + gg

Kiko + ggbubble maker, $27

Blowing bubbles has yet to fail me in keeping the kids entertained when I need five more minutes to do something or they are "hangry" while waiting for dinner to be served. These wands are made of wood, a more eco-friendly alternative to plastic. They're also so beautiful that you will want to use them over and over again.

Plant-based, soft diapers, ready to be tried before fully committing

Ecoriginals baby wipes


Ecoriginals, trial pack $19.99

These diapers are 90% plant-based, but most importantly soft and ready to hold messes. They are also compostable, reducing waste sent to landfills. Ecoriginals offers a trial pack for parents who are curious but don't want to immediately commit to a larger pack.

A playhouse meant for hours of playing

Kids playing on playhouse

Backyard Discovery

Backyard Discovery Playhouse, $899

When we were looking for playhouses to put in our backyard, I had two concerns in mind. First, I didn't want them to be gigantic because our kids are still young, and falling from a height is the last thing I want them to do while playing. The second was that with lumber in high demand, it was going to be expensive. Then I found this playhouse that's made from Chinese Cedar, which is naturally fast-growing and renewable. Our three kids love playing in it.

Hand-me-downs that are like a warm hug

Kidizen item listing


Kidizen Rewear collective

I never understood the feelings that come with hand-me-downs until I had my first kid and a friend dropped off a bag full of clothes her kids had outgrown. It's hard to put in words, especially to non-parents, but those who know, know exactly what I'm talking about. You can almost feel all the adventures the clothes experienced before and can see all the ones still to come.

The Kidizen platform allows parents to sell gently used clothes and toys. You can also find items new with tags for heavily discounted prices. The platform can filter by brand, so if you are a fan of TEA collection, for example, you can shop only their clothes. There's one famous dress from Kidizen I've heard of that was worn by nine different girls and continues to be passed along to this day.

The perfect comforter for movie nights with the entire family

Sunday Citizen bamboo comforter

Sunday Citizen

Sunday Citizen bamboo comforter, $310 for Queen size

My kids are at an age where they are starting to appreciate snuggling under a cozy blanket, eating popcorn, and watching a movie together. This blanket, made of 50 recycled plastic bottles, is perfect for that. It's soft and warm, and the twins now demand to be tucked under it every time we sit on the couch.

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