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  • Searching for a simple way to hide your clutter that doesn’t involve DIYing or drilling holes into your walls? Enter: the extremely versatile storage basket. For hiding anything from the abundance of kids toys that are usually sprawled across your living room rug, to your bedroom cushions whilst you sleep – and even your blanket collection that’s by now in double digits, surely?

    We’re here with the very best – and most stylish – storage baskets that you’ll want to style in your home. Similar to that of a laundry basket, although the storage baskets on our list are super versatile. We’ve listed lidded options and open storage baskets, plus wall-mountable storage baskets to save floor space and even storage baskets that can slide under furniture.

    One of the many living room storage ideas that we love, there’s nothing stopping you from using a storage basket anywhere from inside your bedroom to in your hallway, bathroom, nursery or even in a kitchen to hold shopping bags or cleaning products.

    In short: there’s plenty to choose from, whether your home is modern, minimalist, a little boho or perhaps you’re searching for a storage basket for your nursery? It’s all here.

    The best stylish storage baskets for your home

    1. Dunelm Monochrome Paper Storage Basket

    Dunelm Monochrome Paper Storage Basket

    Image credit: Dunelm

    This highly-rated storage basket from Dunelm is as stylish as it is practical. Offering a sizeable amount of space inside to hide everything from shoes to throws and toys, it’s crafted by hand from paper materials. This makes it eco-friendly, and with handles, it’s easy to move from your living room to your bedroom, bathroom or elsewhere. Thanks to its monochrome print, it will also prove to be a striking addition to your home. It’s also a total bargain.

    Buy now: Monochrome Paper Storage Basket, £15, Dunelm

    2. H&M Cotton twill storage basket

    H&M Cotton twill storage basket

    Image credit: H&M

    A storage basket for the kids’ bedroom, with a cute rabbit design  – complete with floppy ears, too – this storage basket is handy for hiding their abundance of toys. It has handles for easy dragging (and pulling to the floor for their toys to tumble out), plus it comes in a smaller size if you want to buy the matching set. It has a drawstring closure to keep their things tucked away safely, and so that wandering eyes won’t be able to see what’s inside, whether that be toys or laundry. It’s made from 100% cotton, meaning that you need only wipe it with a damp cloth to get it clean. There’s another similar storage basket available, in brown which instead of a rabbit, is a bear. Pick their favourite.

    Buy now: Cotton Twill Storage Basket, £12.99, H&M 

    3. Sea Team Storage Baskets

    Sea Team Storage Baskets pair in jute and cotton with handles

    Another eco-friendly option, these storage baskets are made from a mix of jute and cotton linen, and they are foldable for ease of use. Yes, once you are done with them you can tuck them away down the side of furniture or inside a drawer. They’re great for housing smaller items, such as trinkets, LEGO, socks, cables, dummies, plus they’re super sturdy so there’s no need to worry about weight. With handles for easy access, they could be displayed on open shelving or atop a chest of drawers. Safe to say they’re aesthetically pleasing and versatile since you can use them anywhere from your kitchen to your living room, nursery or even in your utility room.

    Buy now: Sea Team Storage Baskets, £12.99, Amazon

    4. Dunelm Wicker Black Storage Basket

    Dunelm Wicker Black Storage Basket

    Image credit: Dunelm

    This open basket is great for storing blankets, books, cushions and towels, but admittedly not so great for toys and smaller items. We love its open look since it will make the basket look a little less clunky on your floor. For an airy, modern look, this storage basket is made from wicker and finished in a sleek black colour. Complete with upright handles, we say to perch it beside a sofa or bed or push it into a corner for the best look.

    Buy now: Wicker Black Storage Basket, £15, Dunelm

    5. Habitat 102 Litre Water Hyacinth Laundry Basket

    Habitat 102 Litre Water Hyacinth Laundry Basket

    Image credit: Habitat

    Not just for holding your dirty clothes and towels, this lidded basket is also great for storing anything from clean bedding to toys, all in plain sight. Thanks to its lid, your guests won’t ever know what’s inside, and it’s woven in sustainable water hyacinth to make it aesthetically pleasing. Not only that, but it will definitely add a warm vibe to any room in your home. It’s pretty practical, too, with a polyester liner that’s removable for your convenience.

    Buy now: Habitat 102 Litre Water Hyacinth Laundry Basket, £45, Argos

    6. H&M Large lidded storage basket

    H&M Large lidded storage basket

    Image credit: H&M

    Check out this lidded option from H&M, which is undoubtedly handy for storing away seasonal clothes underneath your bed, or at the bottom of your wardrobe. With a zip closure to keep dust away, this bag also has handles for easy reaching. Just because you’re stashing these baskets away doesn’t mean they don’t need to be stylish, right? They’re made from ecru cotton and recycled cotton, and they come in a range of sizes to suit your space, no matter its size.

    Buy now: Large lidded storage basket, £19.99, H&M

    7. H&M Canvas wall storage basket

    H&M Canvas wall storage basket

    Image credit: H&M

    A storage basket with a difference, this one won’t take up any valuable floor space that you treasure. Instead, you can mount it to a wall to hold anything from jewellery to accessories, kids books or toys and even toiletries. These super versatile baskets can be used pretty much anywhere, and we love them stacked atop one another – to make use of otherwise empty wall space. With a sturdy mango wood frame, these canvas baskets are brilliant. They also come in black.

    Buy now: Canvas wall storage basket, £17.99, H&M

    8. Dunelm Butterscotch Rush Basket

    Dunelm Butterscotch Rush Basket

    Image credit: Dunelm

    Decorative and handmade, this natural basket will definitely add a subtle pop of colour to your rooms. It’s large enough to store shoes, cushions and blankets, and we think that it’s too pretty to hide. With this in mind, you might want to perch it beside an important piece of furniture, such as a sofa, to make it stand out. It’s super strong, so rest assured it will provide a place to hide your things for years and years.

    Buy now: Butterscotch Rush Basket, £25, Dunelm

    9. La Redoute Set of 2 Bustta Baskets in Water Hyacinth

    La Redoute Set of 2 Bustta Baskets in Water Hyacinth on open shelving

    Image credit: La Redoute

    These baskets come as a set of two, one of which is larger than the other. They are lidded and you could use them for hiding toiletries in your bathroom, for separating and holding the kids’ toys, or for hiding bits and bobs in your bedroom or hallway. Made from natural water hyacinth, they boast a white stripe at their base to make them a little different to your classic woven basket. These on-trend baskets will prove themselves to be a handy addition to your home, whether you style them together or place one in one room, and the other in a different area of your home.

    Buy now: Set of 2 Bustta Baskets in Water Hyacinth, £45, La Redoute

    10. Matalan Dark Grey Small Felt Basket

    Matalan Dark Grey Small Felt Basket

    Image credit: Matalan

    An ideal addition to a teenage bedroom, this felt basket is simple yet practical. With wooden handles so that they can carry their laundry from their room to the utility, or for easy dragging around their room to throw random things inside. It also folds with ease once empty. Definitely one for a teenage boys bedroom, plus it’s a steal.

    Buy now: Dark Grey Small Felt Basket, £6, Matalan

    11. DOKEHOM Thickened Laundry Basket

    DOKEHOM Thickened Laundry Baskets in wardrobe

    Image credit: DOKEHOM

    Labelled storage baskets? We’re totally here for it. Mrs Hinch and Stacey Solomon would be proud! These Amazon storage baskets are labelled ‘Etc.’ ‘Stuff’ and ‘Things’, to add a little something to your average plain storage basket. They’re perfect for popping on open shelving or inside a wardrobe, and for holding and housing towels, toiletries, toys and even socks and tights. With handles for easy grabbing, they are even made from strong jute with a steel frame around the top edge.

    Buy now: DOKEHOM Thickened Laundry Basket, £11.99, Amazon

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