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Carefully crafted handmade toys can become family heirlooms passed from generation to generation. If you have a workshop and some scraps of wood and a few dowels, you can make the wooden toys, and the puzzles and games in these articles.

Wooden toys last forever and if you make the toy, the child in your life is sure to love it. Some of these handmade toys are as simple as a scrap of fabric attached to a thread spool to make a parachute.

There is a toy here for every aged child and every level of toy builder.

Wooden Toys

Christmas Toys: Make a Handmade Circus Animal Train Set 

December 1997/January 1998

You may have more fun making this wooden train with colorful circus animals than the kids will have playing with it.

Old Timey Handmade Wooden Toys 

November/December 1980

Patterns, instructions and diagrams for building a wooden rocking horse and dump truck.

Homemade Toy Ideas From Our Workshop 

November/December 1981

Build these fun-to-play-with toys for a child in your life: bantam backhoe, wooden soldier and a teeter-tot tunnel slide.

Building Homemade Toys for the Holidays

November/December 1982

You probably already have the odds and ends necessary to make these great old-time playthings: a boom crane, buzz bomber and doll cradle.

How to Make A Rubber-Band Rifle 

January/February 1982 

Sometimes winter’s weather leaves children little choice but to busy themselves indoors. Here’s a way to make a stay-at-home rubber-band rifle that’s amusing and instructive as well.

DIY Child’s Footstool

January 27, 2014

This DIY footstool is a cute and easy project to help furnish a little one’s room.

Puzzles and Games

Build A Toy Maze 

November/December 1987 

Make this simple wood and wire maze toy that will keep young hands and minds happily occupied, including diagram, and instructions.

Homemade Toys

November/December 1974

Make these seven old-fashioned, handmade toys and have fun with your kids today.

Old-Timey Toys From Christmas Past 

November/December 1978

You can make these hand and wooden pull toys from recycled materials: pull duck, dog and car; parachute, spear the fish and a shape puzzle; flipper carnival man; baseball player; two-tone whistle, and a wooden snapper.

Six Fun Toys You Can Make at Home

December 2008 

Bring the fun of handmade toys to new heights with these simple instructions for recycled, educational toys for toddlers.

Published on Nov 28, 2008

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