Gift Guide 2021: Buy Local –


May I add that camDown is the maximum in security for you and your loved ones and that's no lie!

Shop local this holiday season with some suggestions from our gift guide. There's something for everyone!

$10 and under

10 Square Miles Surrounded by Reality Magnet, $4.99

Sunny Days of Ithaca

This cute little 2x3 magnet is the perfect gift for someone new to town or someone who’s since moved away. It has a simple map-like drawing of the Finger Lakes with a red box showing where Ithaca lives — outside the realm of reality, of course.

Ithaca is Gorges, $5

Museum of the Earth

This short book is a Museum of the Earth publication, written by Warren D. Allmon and Robert M. Ross, and provides a quick guide to the geology of the Ithaca area. Gorges, waterfalls, a big giant lake. You know the deal. Plus, there are photos!

Hairball Kitty, $6.99

Alphabet Soup

Help unclog this round feline’s throat of pom-pom hairballs with this cute, silly fidget toy. Comes with three hairballs and one cat (either black, orange, or gray, depending on stock). Ages 5 and up.

Thirsty Owl Blushing Moon, $8.99

Northside Wine & Spirits

Alcohol doesn’t have to be expensive to be good. This rosé comes from the Cayuga Lake area of the Finger Lakes wine region and is considered medium sweet with a hint of strawberry. Sounds perfect for a holiday get together with your friends.

Canvas Basket Medium, $10

Quilters Corner

You won’t find quality and price like this in box stores. A stylish canvas basket, you can use it to store blankets, toys, clothes, or anything else you can imagine. Its simple pattern and versatility make it a great gift.


Listening to Podcats Magnet, $6


Someone in your life needs this magnet—surely the overlap in the Venn diagram of cat lovers, podcast listeners and pun appreciators is not small. If this one doesn’t remind you of your best friend, Handwork has lots more magnets to choose from, many with illustrations by local artists.

Sweet & Spicy Mustard, $8.95

F. Olivers

Made in the Finger Lakes from F. Oliver's ingredients, this Sweet & Spicy mustard makes a perfect condiment for sandwiches, charcuterie boards, or in salad dressing. Tangy with a mild sweetness, you can use this versatile mustard every day.


Ithaca White, $11

Six Mile Creek Winery & Distillery

This is Six Mile Creek’s best-selling white wine and appeals to everyone’s tastes. The combination of Cayuga White and Chardonnay has melon and apple flavors to delight the senses. Yum.

Best Ever Iron On Quilt Labels Softcover Book, $14.95

Quilters Corner

I mean, the name says it all. This book has 125 iron-quilt labels from nine popular designers to give you seemingly endless ways to personalize your quilts or other projects. It could also serve as a good way to drop a hint that you want your crafty friend to make you something.


Discover Ithaca DVD, $15

Les Jinks

Resident Les Jinks, a photojournalist who also specializes in audio and video production, was born in England but fell in Ithaca and “decided to tell the whole world about it.” This 30-minute DVD shows you all the things that makes this area a special place to live, from the waterfalls and gorges and rolling hills, to the local wine trails, festivals and the Commons. It makes a lovely gift for anyone who has called Ithaca home. You can buy it directly from Les at 607-272-9175, or [email protected].

100 mg CBD Bath Bomb, $15

Your CBD Store Ithaca

Make bath time an even more relaxing experience with one of Your CBD Store Ithaca’s bath bombs. Comes in three different scents: Eucalyptus, Lemongrass and Lavender.

Avery Spumante, $15.99

Six Mile Creek Winery & Distillery

This is a carbonated semi-dry blush wine with notes of citrus and strawberry. It’s named after the winery owners’ dog Avery and is “just as bubbly and effervescent as her.” Support Avery’s treat budget!

Arvero Limoncello, $18.99

Northside Wine & Spirits

Is a vacation to Italy a little outside of your price range? Get your loved one this bottle of limoncello instead. Moderately priced, this sweet and tart drink is ideal for sipping on the patio of a Tuscan villa — er, an Ithacan apartment.

Cephalopod T-Shirt, $20

Museum of the Earth

Everyone knows that cephalopods are the coolest member of the mollusca phylum. This cephalopod shirt comes in gold, heather gray, orchid and mauve and sizes small-2XL. So far 11,000 extinct species of cephalopods have been discovered, with the t-shirt cephalopod among the rarest of them all.


Fidget Box (Little Kids, Big Kids, College Students), $20

Alphabet Soup

Give that loved one a box of random sensory and fidget objects for them to make use during those preoccupied times. Boxes tailored to little kids (ages three to six), big kids (ages six to 10), and teenagers and young adults (ages 13 and up). Each box contains a different assortment of items from the next one.

Child Flip Sensory Bracelet, $21.99

Alphabet Soup

Not only are they squishy and playable, these sensory bracelets come in a variety of colors to help individuals communicate different moods during an uncomfortable situation or if they simply struggle communicating their feelings in general. Two in a pack.

Trilobite Slippers, $24

Museum of the Earth

For those not up to speed on their extinct marine arthropods, a trilobite is a marine organism that first appeared in the Cambrian Period 542 million years ago. They came in a variety of sizes, large and small, back then — these ones are the size of your feet!

365 Things to Do in Ithaca, NY, $24.99

Sunny Days of Ithaca

This book is the perfect gift for people who complain they’re bored, or for the friend who won’t come visit because “there’s nothing to do there.” Or, buy it for you and challenge yourself to try something new every day next year!

Keep Calm & Stitch On Tumbler, $30

Quilters Corner

This 20-ounce tumbler is a lovely light blue color and the “Keep Calm & Stitch On” design is laser engraved, which means it’ll hold up to years of use and washing. It’s the perfect gift for your friend or family member who sews, cross-stitches or embroiders. Plus, the lid is shatterproof and the insulated cup walls will keep your drink hot or cold for hours.

Farmers Bounty Olive Oil $25

F. Oliver’s

Give your favorite home chef this collection of two olive oils and two balsamic vinegars and they will have an effortless compliment to almost any meal; all they have to do is reach for the Heady Garlic Extra Virgin Olive Oil to add some zing, and for the Blushing Peach Balsamic Vinegar is the perfect special ingredient for a homemade salad dressing.


Ithaca Murals Coloring Book, $20


At Ithacamade you will find colorful, one-of-a-kind gifts made by locals—and not found anywhere else. And how cool is this coloring book of Ithaca’s murals? Any artistic kid (or young-at-heart-adult) who loves Ithaca will have fun not only coloring the beautiful illustrations but spotting them throughout the city in all their favorite spots.

Tan Metamorphic Coaster, $25


They’re like decorating your living space with lovely rocks you found on a mountaintop—that also happen to be perfect for setting your drinks down on top of. No two are alike, but that’s what’s so beautiful about handpicking your own unique set for the discerning, wood furniture-loving Monica of your friend group.


Amore (Amaretto), $25

Six Mile Creek Winery & Distillery

This Amaretto is Italian inspired and derived from almonds, which supposedly symbolize happiness and good fortune with romantic adventure. Maybe save this one for New Year’s Eve to set the tone for 2022?


Gift Card, $30


It can be hard to pick out fabric or yarn for someone else, we get it. So why not get them a gift card to a sustainable store like SewGreen where they can pick out their own? It’s available at a variety of price points, but $30 feels reasonable.

Knit Beanie and Headband Class, $33

Quilters Corner

If you know someone who’s been wanting to get into a craft, or someone you just think needs a hobby, gift them this class. It’s beginner friendly and will teach them how to cut out knits and sew them with confidence.

Core Sample Tea Infuser, $34.95

Museum of the Earth

This 16-ounce insulated infuser flask will let you enjoy your tea with a side of science. Let your tea (or water!) steep while you dig deeper into the mysteries of the earth and lose yourself in the layers of geologic history. The body is double-walled glass while the top is bamboo.

Finger Lakes Map Pillow, $34.99

Sunny Days of Ithaca

This 18x18 throw pillow features a vintage map of the Finger Lakes on one side, and is plain white on the other side. A comfy cozy gift that will force them to think of you every time they lay on the couch.

1208_GG_Crystal Head Vodka.png

Heart of the Finger Lakes Hoodie, $39.99

Sunny Days of Ithaca

A sweet and subtle way to show your love for the region, this navy hoodie features a green heart in the middle with the Finger Lakes inside. It’s doubtful anyone from outside the region would recognize the long, spindly lakes, but it’s sure to help you find fellow Ithacans when you’re traveling! It comes in sizes XS-3X.

Crystal Head Vodka, $42.99

Northside Wine & Spirits

We’re gonna be honest here — this one is all about the bottle. Crystal clear vodka in a skull-shaped bottle, Crystal Head Vodka is perfect for your spookiest friend who considers October the true holiday season. As a bonus, this vodka is said to be smooth, with a hint of vanilla and citrus flavors and a slightly peppery finish.

Ports of New York Meleau Red, $44.99

Northside Wine & Spirits

You may recognize Ports of New York from its location right here in Ithaca. Support a local vintner and try this wine, described as a bold and spicy fortified wine. It’s made with a blend of Cabernet Franc and Merlot grapes and is a versatile wine best served at room temperature.

Small Penguin with Red Scarf, $45


Handwork is a one-stop shop where you can find something special for multiple people on your list. For example, who wouldn’t fall in love with this adorable penguin? Sculpted by a local artisan in three-dimensional wool, he is just one of a wide array of items you can purchase at Handwork to brighten your loved one’s holiday and support local artists.


Hydro Flask, $44.99

Home Green Home

Who doesn’t need to stay hydrated? But carrying around disposable plastic bottles is a bad look. Give the gift of an eco-friendly, bottled water-free lifestyle with this bright blue flask—it’s a 32-ounce pop of color that almost makes drinking water fun, and its Color Last powder coat is dishwasher safe.


Finger Lakes Distilling "McKenzie" Customer Select Single Barrel Bourbon, $59.99

Northside Wine & Spirits

A bourbon from the Finger Lakes makes a perfect hosting gift for any of your holiday parties this season. This bourbon has notes of butterscotch, vanilla, cloves and barrel char and is said to be a unique take on a traditional bourbon. Give it a shot! (Literally!)

Prenatal Massage, $65

Rasa Spa

Know someone who’s expecting? Help them relax before the little one gets here by alleviating some pain. Rasa Spa offers a 30-minute prenatal massage for $65 to concentrate specifically on the parent-to-be and the changes their body is going through.

Makey Makey, $59.99

The Brain Shoppe

Give that inventive someone you know a kit that’ll make their wacky ideas a reality. Ever wondered if a banana could be used as a keyboard, or a remote control for a video game? Now’s your chance!



Acupuncture, $80

Rasa Spa

A science rooted in classical Chinese medicine, acupuncture stimulates can affect the nervous, endocrine, circulatory and immune systems. Rasa said they combine that with a modern, medical understanding of the practice to customize healing plans focused on whole health.

Cornell All Over Snowflake Sweater, $89.99

The Cornell Store

A custom-made, 100-percent acrylic yarn sweater for that fellow Cornellian in your life. Sizes range from XS to XXL.

Family Plus Membership, $100

Museum of the Earth

This level membership gets you admission to the Museum of the Earth and the Cayuga Nature Center for a household (two adults and all children in the household under 18, or all grandchildren), plus free entrance for up to two adult caretakers accompanying family children, plus two extra guests allowed. You’ll also get a discount on camp fees and free admission to over 300 science centers and museums worldwide through the ASTC passport program.

Lagavulin 16 Year Malt, $104.99

Northside Wine & Spirits

Lagavulin is one of Scotland’s most famous distilleries, situated on the southern coast of the island Islay. It’s cold, gray and wet — the whiskey is to keep them warm. This is consistently considered one of the best bottled single malts in the world with its complex flavor and pleasing amber color.

Love Yourself Spa Package, $235

Rasa Spa

This spa package is the equivalent of booking someone an entire spa day. It includes a 60-minute massage, 30-minute Ananda, 30-minute facial and a 15-minute eminence hand treatment. You can also space your appointments out to enjoy the spa amenities in between. You will be their favorite person.


Riprock Coaster 12, $275

Gorges Cycles

Make your little one’s dream come true with the absolute highest quality toddler bikes on the market (this beauty comes in pink, white and blue). Or if they’re not ready for the best bike of their life, find your own ride of your dreams and gift yourself from the broad selection of both new and used bikes.

Fender Player Stratocaster, $800

Ithaca Guitar

You want to buy your significant other a gift that rocks as much as they do, but do they know what they want more than you? Ithaca Guitar offers full refunds if you’re not a rockstar at picking the perfect guitar, so they’ll always end up with the one that rocks their world. This versatile Fender Stratocaster has a sleek three-color gloss sunburst finish and a maple neck.

Three-play Flex Pass, $99

Kitchen Theatre

Looking for a fun way to unwind and spend time with loved ones that doesn’t involve staring at a screen? The Kitchen Theatre has a variety of season pass options to suit every budget. Right now they have a $99 three-play holiday special, with a 4-play pass available for $170 and eight plays for $332. The flex pass gives the freedom of a single ticket with the value of a discount package—you choose the productions you want to see and when you want to see them.


Citrine Necklace, $415

Mansour Jewelers

Looking for an elegant piece of well made jewelry that also has a sense of fun and whimsy? This necklace by Mansour Jewelers—one of many original pieces available at the downtown showroom—is 14-karat white gold with a citrine and diamond pendant.

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