Drive-Through Christmas in Slaughters KY –


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'Tis the season for a great many holiday-centric activities. And now that we've concluded the OBVIOUS portion of the program, let's zero IN on one of those activities.


Mt. Gilead Baptist Church in Slaughters, Kentucky is excited to announce the return of Drive-Through Christmas after having to cancel the 2020 edition because of the COVID-19 pandemic. And when I got the photos from the 2019 event, it brought back a lot of great memories.

Drive-Through Christmas happens Saturday, December 11th and Sunday, December 12th from 6 PM to 8 PM both evenings. And I couldn't help but be thrown back to all those fun live nativities at Hall Street Baptist Church when I was a kid. Unlike the photo at the top, we didn't have anyone portraying angels; we had a decorative one over the manger. But we DID have a rotating collection of church members portraying shepherds, wise men, Mary and Joseph.


And listen, it was a BIG deal to land the roles of Mary and Joseph, but I was always either a shepherd or one of the three wise men. I especially enjoyed playing one of the latter and you would probably never guess why.

It was because of the old Batman TV series, in which King Tut was a recurring villain, and my personal favorite because he was so funny. Well, if I got to be a wise man, THAT costume was the closest to what the late actor Victor Buono wore as that character. I guess you could say my head wasn't exactly the right place for a live nativity, but it was still a blast.


And you'll have fun too at the Mt. Gilead Baptist Church Drive-Through Christmas, December 11th and 12th in Slaughters, Kentucky.

One more thought...I'm gathering, based on these images, that Mt. Gilead really fleshes out the entire Christmas story from the Book of Luke for this particular event.

I tip my hat.

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