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150,000 square feet of industrial space is now available at TexAmerica Center with the official opening of the Spec Building. 

Spread out over 24 acres, the Spec Building is the first new building in the TexAmericas industrial park in 15 years and now it's ready for tenants.

“This building is a driver of economic development and a new chapter for regional growth in our area,” said Scott Norton, Executive Director and CEO of TexAmericas Center. “Hard work and forward-thinking bring us to the next chapter for TexAmericas Center and the entire region as a whole. Completing the spec building reflects growing momentum and our confidence in opportunities.”

TexAmericas Center's new Spec Building is flexible and scalable to meet a host of needs and tenants and is designed as a multi-tenant, mixed-use facility. The building features 32-foot clear height ceilings, a dock for each 5,000 square feet section, and two drive-in doors overall. If your business needs large warehousing capacity this building is ready to go right now, and can easily subdivide down to 13,000-square-foot units as needed.

TexAmericas Entrance Sign

“The spec building brings immediate value to the region while laying the foundation for continued growth in terms of business activity, job creation, innovation, and more,” Norton said.

"If you build it they will come" says a mysterious voice from the cornfield in the movie "Field Of Dreams," let's hope that's true with this new Spec Building at TexAmericas Center.

TexAmericas - Spec Building under construction

For more information visit TexAmericasCenter.com.

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