Stores That Will be Open on Christmas Day in Arkansas & Texas –


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It happens, On Christmas Day you might find yourself in a pickle because you forgot a food item for dinner or you don't have enough milk or maybe you forgot that last-minute gift or batteries for the toys. Fortunately, there will be a few stores open on Christmas Day. 

The list isn't big for Arkansas and Texas but at least there are some options. Each of these stores will at least if not more, give you the chance to run in and get that gallon of milk you forgot or a pretty candle and other last-minute gift ideas if you need it. Of course when in doubt of a last-minute gift, chocolate will fit the bill for just about everyone.

Stores That Will Be Open on Christmas Day


 Most stores will be open but with limited hours 7AM-4PM.


Most CVS will be open 8AM - 9PM but you might want to call for your local store for pharmacy hours.

Family Dollar

 Select stores will open and open for limited hours. Be sure to check your local store for hours.

Dollar Tree

Select stores will open and open for limited hours. Be sure to check your local store for hours.


This is good news is especially if you are traveling most Starbucks are open on Christmas day.


Most of these stores will be open but with limited hours 8AM to 6PM. Be sure to call for pharmacy hours


 Stores That Will be Closed

Big chain stores that will be closed on Christmas Day include, Walmart, Target, Home Depot, Krogers, Dollar General, Sams Club, Costco and World Market.

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