Maine’s Favorite Cookie-Cookie Day is Saturday –


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That gooey, messy photo is worth another look.

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Proof positive that home baking is the true way to go. Especially when it comes to cookies. However, there is a reason that grocery stores devote almost an entire aisle to various brands of cookies.

Tomorrow is Cookie Day. Lots call it Saturday, because most every day is cookie day.

We asked what your favorite store-bought cookies are, and got a variety of answers.  Some seasonal.  Some have nothing to do with the holiday baking days already underway.

There were even comments amongst friends. Or maybe just a helpful cookie lover. Tis the season. Jenifer T, when asked what her favorite cookie from the store was said

“Those ones in the holiday tins”

Roberta J replied

“Mine too and Josh just got me some last night. They haven’t had them at Walmart or Hannaford and finally Walmart did!”

Good for you Josh. Jenifer T’s comeback:

“They had the giant sized tins this year. I was so happy lol. James ate a handful last night. He loves ‘em, too.”

Good for you James.

Mary B’s and Rita L’s picks. Might be way off, but I think the Dare cookie company is in Canada.  I remember them from my childhood.

Diane L was very specific which Pepperidge Farm is her fave. White Chocolate Macadamia.  Sorry that photo is the wrong chocolate and the incorrect nut too.  Never send a man to the grocery store to pick up something so specific.

Can you find the flavor you like of Milano’s Wanda O?

Julia Y knows her fave Milanos.

James S picked Chips Ahoy. Remember when there was just one version of Chips Ahoy. Now, variety is the spice of life.

Other selections included Vienna Fingers and Loft House Frosted Sugar Cookies, and others like Belinda E suggested

“Hannaford Ginger Cookies that u can decorate yourself”

but we need to head to the milk aisle.

First the most popular store-bought cookie in our little survey

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