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I would have written this piece a lot sooner, but I was scrolling through all the incredible Cyber Monday deals Amazon has got going this morning and I lost track of time.

Which, according to a new study, makes me an average Illinois resident.

Illinois Is Obsessed With Amazon, But Not As Much As Some Other States

With Amazon being a huge retailer for the holiday season, the team at TransImpact wanted to find which states are the most Amazon-crazed. They conducted a nationwide survey to find out which states are obsessed, which could go without it, and the lengths people would go to to get free shipping.

Here's what TransImpact looked at to make their determinations:

We conducted a nationwide survey asking at least 50 respondents in each state about their obsession with Amazon shopping. Respondents rated themselves on a scale of 1 to 5 on how obsessed they are with shopping on the platform, with 1 being the least obsessed and 5 being the most. We also asked respondents to answer questions about their Amazon shopping behavior, from how much they spend to how long they can go without opening their wallets.

9 States Are More Obsessed With Amazon Than Illinois

The study has a list of the top ten most obsessed with Amazon, and the top ten least obsessed states. Illinois is in the top ten most obsessed list, but we're at the bottom, at number ten. Illinois' score shows that 61.64% of Illinoisans can't get enough Amazon.

The most Amazon-obsessed state in the country is North Carolina, with a score of 69.89%.

When Asked If They Could Give Up Amazon For The Rest Of Their Lives, Not Many Illinoisans Answered Yes

The states who can abstain from shopping on Amazon the longest match up quite well with the states who are the least obsessed.


Compared to the 16.50% of Americans who can abstain from shopping on Amazon for the rest of their lives nationwide, just 5.88% of Iowans can do the same. North Carolinians (6.00%), Hawaiians (8.00%), and Tennessee residents (9.26%) also took a hard pass on parting from Amazon forever.

  • In this study, the national average percentage who could give up Amazon forever is 16.50%, but Illinois' average is 12%.
  • Arkansas and Colorado tie for the highest percentage of residents who could give up Amazon forever at 23.08%

Click here to read TransImpact's full study.

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