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Which toddler chair is best?

Toddler chairs are perfect for giving your toddler their own coloring nook or decorating a bedroom corner for fun and cozy tea parties. These toddler chairs are comfortable and help toddlers improve their posture. 

The Keet Roundy Kid’s Chair is a stellar toddler chair. Its most prominent characteristics are comfort and durability, thanks to the strong wood frame and high-density foam.

What to know before you buy a toddler chair

Age and size of your toddler

Toddler chairs and kids’ chairs are targeted towards toddlers and kids of various ages. Some of these chairs are specifically meant for toddlers, while others cater to kids in elementary school. You can buy chairs for toddlers as young as 18 months and kids as old as 12 years old. Some of these chairs are adjustable, which means you can use them over a long period of time.

Adjustable toddler chairs

Some toddler chairs are adjustable, which means that the chair grows with them as they grow and develop over the years. Many of these adjustable chairs can be used by kids up to 12 years of age or even older, and they can typically be adjusted to match the ergonomic needs of your child. Some adjustable chairs require the help of a parent or adult, while other adjustable chairs can be adjusted pretty easily by your child.

Look for a comfortable toddler chair

A comfortable toddler chair is not just about encouraging good posture. When your toddler is comfortable, they are better able to learn and concentrate. Some of the elements of a toddler chair that boost comfort include rounded elements like armrests as well as padding and a plush or soft exterior. High-density memory foam is the most common kind of padding.

What to look for in a quality toddler chair


When looking for the right materials in a toddler chair, you need to consider the chair covers, the cushioning and the frame. The chair frame can be composed of plastic, metal or wood, whereas the cushioning typically includes mesh or high-density memory foam. The cover is usually either faux leather or fabric.

Built-in desks

Some toddler chairs have built-in desks. These desks tend to take up less space and cost less than a separate desk and chair.


Some toddler chairs and kids’ chairs have storage space for toys, books and other products.

How much you can expect to spend on a toddler chair

Toddler chairs range in price from around $20-$140. The most basic toddler chairs cost from $20-$40, midrange toddler chairs vary in price from about $40-$90 and high-end toddler chairs go for $90-$140.

Toddler chair FAQ

Do toddler chairs ship fully assembled?

A. Toddler chairs sometimes ship fully assembled, but sometimes they don’t. Chairs for toddlers and very young kids are much more likely to be one-piece chairs that you can simply take out of the box and immediately use, but this is not always the case. Some toddler chairs require assembly.

If you do need to assemble the toddler chair, you should double-check that all of the hardware and parts came in the shipping box. If you are missing any parts or hardware, you should contact the manufacturer or seller. You should also read the assembly instructions and ensure that you have all the tools you need on hand for simple assembly.

Do kids’ chairs and toddler chairs have weight limits?

A. Yes, the manufacturer or seller will provide a maximum weight recommendation. Most toddler chairs and kids’ chairs have maximum weight limits of 50-200 pounds.

Are feet or casters better for toddler chairs and kids’ chairs?

A. Most kids’ chairs and toddler chairs have rubber-tipped feet, but some of these chairs include caster wheels. Regular feet work well if you need a stationary chair, and the rubber tips can keep the toddler chair or kids’ chair from sliding around.

If you choose a toddler or kids’ chair with caster wheels, keep in mind that the wheels might be distracting if your toddler or child is working on anything that requires concentration. If you do need a toddler chair with caster wheels, you should search for a chair with wheels that can lock in place.

What’s the best toddler chair to buy?

Top toddler chair

Keet Roundy Kids’ Chair

Keet Roundy Kid’s Chair

What you need to know: This comfortable and stylish toddler chair from Keet Roundy is an excellent option for your toddler and the years to come.

What you’ll love: This Keet Roundy toddler chair comes with multiple color options and an unobtrusive design that looks great in nearly any room and works with most furniture. In addition, the toddler chair is well priced, comfortable and cute.

What you should consider: The fabric on this toddler chair stains fairly easily and is hard to clean. 

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top toddler chair for the money

Delta Children Chair Desk with Storage Bin

Delta Children Chair Desk with Storage Bin

What you need to know: This toddler chair from Delta Children includes a storage compartment and a desk.

What you’ll love: This Delta Children toddler chair provides an integrated desk with a removable cup holder for simple access to items along with a built-in storage bin to keep all of your toddler’s art supplies organized.

What you should consider: The assembly instructions for this toddler are not very clear.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

QT Stuff ‘n’ Sit Extra Large Bean Bag Storage Chair

QT Stuff ‘n’ Sit Extra Large Bean Bag Storage Chair

What you need to know: This toddler chair from QT is more like a storage solution than an actual bean bag or chair, but it’s a great option if your home has lots of stuffed animals.

What you’ll love: This QT toddler chair features durable stitching and thick fabric that holds a uniform shape and a multi-purpose design that includes space-saving storage for stuffed animals, blankets and more.

What you should consider: This toddler chair has seating that can get a little lumpy.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

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