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Which frog toy is best?

There are about 5,000 different types of frogs that scientists currently know about. If you’re a frog lover, this is great news, as it means there are also different types of frog toys that will appeal to you or a child you might be gifting it to. The jumping amphibians that croak and come in all shapes, colors and sizes make for an adorable toy that makes you love frogs even more. For a frog toy that is a classic top choice, consider The Classic TOMY Mr. Mouth Feed The Frog Game. 

What to know before you buy a frog toy 


Though all the toys in this list are suited to adults, keep in mind that not all toys are appropriate for children of all ages, especially toddlers. This is usually because some toys may have parts that can be easily swallowed by children of certain ages. Preventing choking or suffocation hazards is important during playtime. 

Most toys will have a tag attached to it with recommended ages clearly indicated. In some cases, you will find this information on the box. Note that although different toys might have different ages listed, the range on the higher end is more like a recommendation. For instance, if a toy ranges from ages 3-10, children below 3 years old are not recommended to use it even though anyone aged 10 and upwards can use it safely.

Toy category 

There are different categories of toys depending on their form. Most toys fall into the following categories: plush toys, action figures, bricks, sensory, puzzles, interactive games and more. 

Style and design 

Animal toys come in a wide variety of styles and designs, and a frog toy is no different. These toys are created with the intention to use for active play and all the throwing, hitting and falling it involves. You can choose a frog toy based on its style and how much it will stimulate the person who will be using it. 

For instance, an older child may prefer a plushie that can be used for pretend games during playtime while a younger child may prefer something interactive that they can pull or organize. For those who are purchasing for someone else, consider that no matter what type of frog toy you choose, it’s important to know what the person you’re gifting it to will prefer.

What to look for in a quality frog toy 


Though toys are made for play, they can still pose a danger to children of certain ages. Some things to consider when buying a frog toy are the recommended ages, the material it’s made of and any potentially toxic ingredients. Whatever toy you choose, ensure that it is safe to use for yourself or the child you may be gifting it to.


Frog toys that are of high quality will be durable and can last through all the rigors of play. Plush toys that are made of fabric should be finely sewn with material that will not fade or pull apart easily. Other frog toys that are made of materials such as wood or plastic will be sturdy and should not break or fall apart easily. 

Size, weight and texture 

Consider that sizes and weight vary with each toy. Most frog toys are small and lightweight. This makes them easy to play with, especially for toddlers. Depending on the toy, the texture can also be hard, smooth or soft and cuddly.

How much you can expect to spend on a frog toy 

Most frog toys are affordable and range from a budget-friendly $6 to $32. 

Frog toy FAQ

Do frog toys need batteries? 

A. Not all toys need batteries, but the most common battery sizes for frog toys are C batteries. 

Must toys be BPA-free? 

A. BPA is found in most plastics and is usually a hazard when consumed. Plastic toys should be avoided by small children who are likely to chew on them. 

What’s the best frog toy to buy?

Top frog toy 

The Classic TOMY Mr. Mouth Feed The Frog Game

The Classic TOMY Mr. Mouth Feed The Frog Game

What you need to know: This is a classic catapult game for the whole family to put together and enjoy.

What you’ll love: This is an exciting game that stimulates hand-eye coordination and brings family fun as each player aims at the frog’s mouth to feed him player-coordinated bugs. It is fun, competitive and highly engaging for younger ones with wiggling eyes and a constantly moving head. 

What you should consider: Though recommended for ages 5 and above, this game may be a bit difficult for younger kids to play. 

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top frog toy for the money

Aurora Mini Flopsie Fernando Frog

Aurora Mini Flopsie Fernando Frog

What you need to know: A small, plush frog toy that’s adorable and can be carried anywhere.

What you’ll love: Cuddling is easier with a toy as soft as this plush frog, which little children will love. It’s also on the environmentally friendly side, as most of the toy is made up of recycled materials. With a gentle, relaxed look, this frog is sure to be a favorite for all ages and preferences. 

What you should consider: Many users seem to find this toy small, although the dimensions are specified. 

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Hape Frog Pull-Along

Hape Frog Pull-Along

What you need to know: This adorable wooden pull-along frog is a favorite for adventurous toddlers.

What you’ll love: Toddlers will find this toy attractive because of its bright colors and movements. With a mouth that opens wide and closes as it’s pulled along, it’s perfect for children that are learning to crawl or walk. 

What you should consider: Only the bottom part of this frog is made of wood. The top part is plastic. Some users found the string to be too short as well. 

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

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