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Corn mazes, Halloween and Dia de los Muertos celebrations, the Sun Bowl Thanksgiving parade, Winterfest; all the seasonal activities and events El Pasoans look forward to attending this time of the year have returned or are coming back as in-person events with little if any Covid protocols.

But if you were hoping you would still be able to make the Christmas-time pilgrimage to the most festive house in all of El Paso this year, I have some disappointing news.

The Fred Loya Family has made the difficult decision to once again forego the annual synchronized music and light show -- officially known as El Paso Christmas Lights. The reason for this year's cancellation is the same as last years: coronavirus.

Adora Martinez, Mr. Loya's Administrative Assistant, confirmed cancellation of the in-person merriment to me via email.

The health of our community is very important to us, with that in mind combined with the issues we are now facing with Covid, we are taking a proactive approach and have decided to cancel this year's show. Thank you for understanding and continued support and look forward to next year

Acavius Largo via El Paso Christmas Lights Facebook

While it may seem like the coronavirus has gone away, the number of new Covid infections and hospitalizations in El Paso County has been rising steadily in recent weeks.

And while El Paso County has among the highest vaccine rates in the entire state, the Yule-tide light show and after-party festivities take place in Mr. Loya's private residence. With thousands of people standing shoulder to shoulder and mingling every weekend through Christmas and not every one on-board with getting vaxed or being masked one can't be too careful.

Sure, it's a bummer because it's more than just a light show. It’s a fun, feel-good, free, family-friendly event. Four things El Pasoans love – especially the “free” part. But I respect and understand the Loya family's decision.

El Paso Christmas Lights Facebook

Despite Covid being the Grinch who has once again stolen the much-loved neighborhood light show, there will still be some Christmas joy to be found. The city is going through with Winterfest 100 percent and that includes the outdoor ice skating rink.

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