One Man Arrested After Halloween Brawl Erupts on Caroline Street – WTMM 104.5 The Team – ESPN Radio


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This is somewhat embarrassing, isn't it?

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Hey New Yorker’s! Don’t Put Away Your Fishing Poles!

From Lake Ontario to Montauk, some New Yorkers love fishing in the month of November. Sure it is getting colder but November is still filled with some warm temperatures that even those fisherman that don't like the cold, like me, can still enjoy some awesome conditions. Remember anglers, it is a long winter. So, let's get out there before the ice laden shorelines create some slippery and unfavorable conditions, though some like that. I still don't get it.

Not a Baad Idea-Sheep Helping Clean up Vale Cemetery in Schenectady

There are cute, fuzzy animals cleaning up the Vale Cemetery in Schenectady. Vale Cemetery is one of only six certified green burial sites in the country. Vale is the only one in New York state. They use sheep each year just before winter to clean up the natural plots.

Bethlehem HS Rylee Davis – 104.5 The Team Student-Athlete of the Week

104.5 The Team wants to recognize the top high school athletes in Section II. This week, Bethlehem Central Girls Cross Country runner, Rylee Davis is this week's 104.5 The Team's Student-Athlete of the Week!

Best Places in World to Spend Thanksgiving is in Capital Region’s Backyard

Having grown up in the Capital Region, we know that the Adirondacks and beautiful Lake George are envied by many across the country and around the world. But did you know that one of the gems in the outskirts of the Capital Region came in at one of the top 8 places in the world to spend Thanksgiving weekend?

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