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Which Melissa & Doug toys are best?

Melissa & Doug make toys for the way kids play. They are hand-on toys that encourage kids to imagine, explore, solve problems and create things on their own. The focus is on high-quality wood toys, but they also have toys made of metal, plastic and fabric. 

Most Melissa & Doug toys are designed simply while paying close attention to detail, which makes them favorites of kids and parents alike. If you are looking for a realistic shopping cart that stands up to rough play, take a look at the Melissa & Doug Toy Shopping Cart.

What to know before you buy a Melissa & Doug toy

The two most important things about Melissa & Doug toys are your child’s age and how much room you have for playing with the toys. 


Age is usually given as a number or as a life stage, like baby, infant, toddler, preschooler, grade-schooler, tween and teen. Only the parent knows where the child is in terms of development. Some kids progress to the next stage more quickly than others, so your preschooler may be ready for Melissa & Doug toys that are designed for grade-schoolers. 

What is certain is that you should only purchase toys with small parts for kids who won’t put them in their mouths and try to swallow them.

Where your child will play

Bigger Melissa & Doug games need more room and are played on tabletops or the floor. Small games that can be held in your hands are great for seated play. Portable games can be taken anywhere in the car, on playdates or when visiting friends and relatives.

What to look for in a quality Melissa & Doug toy

Developmental toys

Melissa & Doug toy’s classic developmental toys encourage children to learn through play. You will find toys and kits with wooden building blocks and giant floor puzzles. These developmental toys allow kids to develop their motor skills while naturally learning about the world around them.

Arts and crafts toys

Kids have fun with toys, kits and paints that allow them to let their imaginations run wild. Melissa & Doug arts and crafts toys may include markers, paints, art easels and beading kits.

Activity pad toys

These are giant magnetic boards where kids can naturally develop their reading and math skills. Activity pads also include calendars, ways to keep track of chores, chart projects and track school assignments and achievements. 


Melissa & Doug make wooden playsets for kids to bake cookies and pizzas, scoop and stack ice cream cones, and picnic basket playsets to take on adventures. There are even playsets with diner booths on one side and short order kitchens on the other, so chefs can serve meals to customers.

Learning mats

It can be fun to add a little play and a little learning at mealtime. Learning mats introduce the alphabet, numbers and counting in a way that is fun and engaging so that learning is fun. Other learning mats are designed the same way but feature colors, animals, vehicles and more.

Outdoor toys

Melissa & Doug make bubble sets, balls, camp chairs and flashlights. They use fun characters and bright colors to make outdoor play even more fun.

Pretend play

Leave it to Melissa & Doug to make solidly built toys that make fun out of playing in kitchens with pots and pans, play food and dish racks. From brooms and mops to wooden dress-up sets with magnets to dollhouses and animal playsets, Melissa & Doug have lots of choices of pretend play toys.


Melissa & Doug make costumes too. Kids play real-life roles of doctor, veterinarian, police officer, scientist, hairstylist, chef, naturalist and astronauts. There are also fantastic roles to play, like pirates, knights, cowboys, spies, princesses and mermaids.

How much you can expect to spend on a Melissa & Doug toy

Most Melissa & Doug toys cost somewhere around $20. Playsets cost from around $20 to more than $100.

Melissa & Doug toy FAQ

Do Melissa & Doug make toys for babies and toddlers, too?

A. Yes. Melissa & Doug make several lines for babies and toddlers, including push and pull toys, sorting toys, soft activity books and more.

Are all Melissa & Doug toys made of wood?

A. The classic Melissa & Doug toys are made of premium wood, but now include stainless steel, plastics and fabrics, all of which are safe for child play.

What are the best Melissa & Doug toys to buy?

Top Melissa & Doug toy 

Melissa & Doug Toy Shopping Cart

Melissa & Doug Toy Shopping Cart

What you need to know: This is a sturdily built and realistic stainless steel shopping cart that is tough enough for rough play.

What you’ll love: The heavy-duty frame includes a seat that folds down for a favorite doll or stuffed animal to ride along while the child shops. The safety wheels are spring-loaded and pivot fully, just like a real shopping cart. Crawlers can support themselves on this as they learn to walk.

What you should consider: There are a few reports of handles coming loose.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top Melissa & Doug toy for the money

Melissa & Doug Wooden Pounding Bench with Mallet

Melissa & Doug Wooden Pounding Bench with Mallet

What you need to know: This colorful Melissa & Doug toy helps toddlers develop their motor skills and hand-eye coordination.

What you’ll love: The solid wood construction is enhanced by happy faces and fun colors. The teeter-totter design lends itself to endless and continuous play. The colorful pegs can’t be removed, so they can’t be lost.

What you should consider: Hit this wooden toy enough times and it will eventually dent.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Melissa & Doug Food Groups

Melissa & Doug Food Groups

What you need to know: This is an excellent toy for kids 3 and up to use in kitchen playsets or while cooking alongside mom and dad.

What you’ll love: Four real wooden crates hold 21 pieces of watermelon and bananas, milk and cheese, breads and cookies, steak and fish, eggs and more. Playing pretend with these “foods” helps kids develop cognitive skills while they learn the names of different foods and the food basic food groups: meat and fish, produce, grains and dairy.

What you should consider: The foods are hard and may not be best for kids who like to throw things.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

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