Is This A New El Paso Porch Pirate Scam? –


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The holiday shopping season is right around the corner, but for so many people, online shopping is a way of life. That means that potential porch pirates stealing your treasures right out from under your nose is something you will have to deal with. I was scrolling through my Facebook wall and I saw this post:


I can't imagine how weird and a little scary it must be to open a door to find someone so brazenly trying to make stealing your stuff seem perfectly normal and like they're trying to help you out. If this guy wasn't such an alleged thief I would be amazed at how clever his lie was. As it is, the guy who posted this was able to think just as quickly on his feet and avoid getting his delivery stolen.

Here are some of the photos that went along with the post, and we confirmed authenticity of these photos with the original person who shared this story.

This photo shows how he wasn't dressed in any uniform that would make him identifiable as someone working for a delivery service.

He was driving this vehicle, again, nothing that would make him identifiable as a delivery service employee.


Getting a ring camera is a good start, but even with a ring camera and a dog, this poster could have lost his purchases if he hadn't been home. You could arrange for someone to pick up your deliveries or get them delivered to your place of business. You could also think about getting a P.O. Box and go pick up your deliveries when you can.


You never know when one of these guys might get physical so try not to get angry with them or escalate the situation. You can always call the police but the best solution is to try and get your deliveries off site from your home so you don't have to deal with someone shady like the guy in this Facebook post.

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