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Which cheap fidget toy is best?

Cheap fidget toys are a great example of a fad that has overtaken the population. Cheap fidget toys, or fidget spinners, are small and affordable toys or items that are mesmerizing and simple to use. They can help people with ADHD or those with anxiety or stress, since they are an excellent form of stress relief. If you’re looking for a top cheap fidget toy, then the Gigilli Fidget Spinners for Kids is a great option.

What to know before you buy a cheap fidget toy

Spin time

You need a cheap fidget toy that spins very well. Manufacturers typically list the estimated spin time in the packaging or the product description. You should look for a cheap fidget toy that spins for at least 3 minutes, but ideally for 4 or 5 minutes. There are also some manufacturers and brands that claim a 6-minute spin time or even more.

Materials and durability

You or your child might choose to experiment with your cheap fidget toys by stacking them or passing them back and forth, which may lead to dropping the toys. That’s why it’s crucial to consider the durability of the material. Fidget spinners composed of thin plastic can crack on the first drop. The higher-end models use metal or wood, which is durable and spins well, as it features precision craft.


Heavier fidget spinners work well for older children, but if you’re looking for a cheap fidget toy for a younger child, you may want to find a lightweight one, so it’s not overly tiring for them to use for long periods of time.

What to look for in a quality cheap fidget toy


There are so many different fidget spinners out there that you can find a cheap fidget toy with nearly any design, color or shape you want. You can find one with beautiful rainbow colors or one with an incredible dragon design. Take the time to choose a cheap fidget toy with a design you love.


Many fidget toys come with LED lights, which add some extra fun and entertainment to the fidget spinner. Keep in mind that these toys tend to be more fragile than other fidget toys.

Additional features

There are also some fidget toys that have extra features, like clicking buttons, textured surfaces, built-in Bluetooth speakers and the functionality of a pen.

How much you can expect to spend on a cheap fidget toy

Cheap fidget toys vary in price, depending on the quality, the material and the design. The most budget-friendly fidget toys range in price from $4-$7, while midrange fidget toys go for $7-$14.

Cheap fidget toy FAQ

Do fidget spinners really help with ADHD?

A. When someone has ADHD, they might have difficulty maintaining focus on specific tasks. One possible symptom of ADHD is the need to fidget, and fidget spinners can certainly offer a quiet and calm way for people with ADHD to express their fidgetiness and need for constant motion without being overly disruptive.

Can you use a fidget spinner to help manage anxiety or stress?

A. There are a number of different factors that contribute to anxiety and stress. Anxiety and stress can sometimes be situational, but it’s usually caused by a chemical reaction in the brain. There are several strategies you can use to manage and relieve your anxiety and stress, including meditation. 

Using a fidget spinner can have a meditative effect that keeps your mind from ruminating on anxious and stressful thoughts. That being said, using a fidget spinner is just one component in helping to manage your anxiety and stress. You also need to incorporate healthy eating, exercise, sleep and more into your routine.

Is there anything else you can do with fidget spinners, other than watching them spin?

A. Yes, you can do a lot of different tricks with fidget spinners, from just passing it from one hand to another to performing complex feats with multiple fidget spinners. You can begin with the most simple tricks and advance to the tricks that require improved dexterity as your skill level improves.

What’s the best cheap fidget toy to buy?

Top cheap fidget toy

Gigilli Fidget Spinners for Kids Six-Pack

Gigilli Fidget Spinners for Kids

What you need to know: These fidget spinners from Gigilli feature beautiful, eye-catching and colorful lights that will entertain kids.

What you’ll love: The incredible fidget toys come with LED lights that make them fun to play with in the dark, and they have a few different light modes. They’re designed for both stress relief and entertainment and made to withstand roughhousing and dropping.

What you should consider: A few customers said that one fidget spinner came with a sharp piece of plastic on one side.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top cheap fidget toy for the money

Scione Sensory Toy

SCIONE Sensory Toy

What you need to know: This pack of four stress-relieving fidget toys comes with a fun popping feature.

What you’ll love: These budget-friendly toys feature brightly colored silicone bubbles built into the end of each of the frames that you pop in and out. This amazing toy keeps kids entertained for an affordable price.

What you should consider: Some customers say this toy doesn’t spin as well as other models of fidget toys.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Magtimes Rainbow Anti-Anxiety Fidget Spinner

MAGTIMES Rainbow Anti-Anxiety Fidget Spinner

What you need to know: This solid and beautiful rainbow fidget spinner is super comfortable to hold.

What you’ll love: This rainbow-colored spinner features a pretty color scheme and a smooth and shiny coating. It’s also a metal, sturdy and well-balanced toy that can spin for several minutes at a time.

What you should consider: Some customers don’t like how loud this fidget spinner is when you drop it.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

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