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Have yourself a merry chain issue? If I were to give you a Christmas present for every time the words "supply chain issue" have been written about or vocalized in the last 3 months, you'd need a much bigger house.

However, whether we like it or not (and we don't), the holiday season of 2021 is promising to be full of difficulties for those looking to grab some of this year's most desired toys for the kids on their gift list.

It's Not Even Halloween Yet, But One Of The Most Wanted Toys May Be Sold Out Already

The little girl pictured above is thrilled with a teddy bear, and that's a good thing. It seems as though our national supply of teddy bears isn't being affected by the supply chain problem, so if you've got teddy bear lovers on your list, you should be okay.

But, the toy picked by many experts in the "what's-going-to-be-hot-this-year" prediction business to be the hottest of all Christmas toys is reportedly sold out Amazon, Target, and Walmart. It's the Magic Mixies Cauldron. I've read some people claiming that you can still find the Magic Mixies Cauldron at eBay, but you should expect to pay up to three times the suggested retail price.

What Happens If They Can't Get Those Container Ships Unloaded In Time For Holiday Shopping?

According to Adrienne Appel, SVP of marketing communications at The Toy Association:

Because of the ongoing impact of supply-chain disruptions hindering toymakers this year, we don’t think there is necessarily going to be one stand-out toy like in years past. Instead, the hot toys will be the ones that are actually in stock. It might be tempting to wait on those annual Thanksgiving weekend sales but this is not the year to do that.

Some other hard to find toys this year will include Lego Sets, Masters of the Universe toys and playsets, Barbie-related toys, including the Barbie Dream House, and 25th Anniversary Pokémon toys.

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