2 Minnesota Cities included in Best Water Tower in Country – WJON News


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Who knew this was a contest?  I suppose there is a contest for everything.  This one is the "Tank of the Year" contest showing the best water tower in the country.  There are two Minnesota cities that are included in the top 5.

Ok, Waite Park isn't one of them.  I believe mostly because this isn't Waite Park's water tower anymore.  I loved that smilely face water tower that Waite Park used to have.  Growing up it was iconic.  Now it's gone.  If it was still here, I am confident it would be at least a top t0 contender.  As it stands, the top two in Minnesota are the towers from Moorhead sitting at the number three and the corn cob tower in Rochester is currently in first place!  The voting isn't over, either.

The water tower in Moorhead has recently been updated with some new artwork.  And I will admit it's pretty cool.  It shows the things that are representative of the area- farming and singing.  Singing?  Ok, not quite sure where that comes from but let's go with it.


In first place (currently) is the corn cob tower in Rochester. That thing is iconic.  I lived in Rochester for a couple of years and people will give directions relating to the tower.  "You know where the corn cob tower is...?"


Voting continues until October 15th.  You can go to the website and vote on your favorite and peruse some of the other towers around the country.  Some of them are pretty creative.  And let's be honest, you gotta wonder how some of them got on the list.  The winner will be announced a week later on the 22nd.  There will be a calendar made up of the finalists by Tnemec, which is a protective coating company.  

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