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Dollhouses are toy homes meant to represent daily life in miniature for the joy and play of young children. From bedrooms to kitchens, dining rooms and bathrooms, a dollhouse allows kids to foster their imagination with creative play while laying a foundation for their organizational skills and problem-solving skills later in life. Whether your child prefers decorating with furniture and accessories or plays with dolls to help work through their thoughts and feelings, a dollhouse is a sound investment for both entertainment and education.

Dollhouses are now more affordable for families than ever before, offering better features and higher-quality materials than houses past. The KidKraft Majestic Mansion is just one of many great options from KidKraft and comes with eight rooms, an elevator and even a garage with a door that opens and closes — all at a reasonable price.

What to know before you buy a KidKraft dollhouse

If you can believe it, dollhouses have been around for thousands of years, with early examples found in Egypt dating back to the Old Kingdom. In Europe, in the late 1500s, the term “baby house” was coined as a display case for trinkets and miniatures belonging to the wealthy. By the 18th century, small handmade houses were built to resemble real houses and became more popular. It was after the Industrial Revolution that dollhouses were mass-produced, which made them affordable for middle-class families to give their children as gifts. Dollhouses today can range in style from a series of modular boxes all the way up to imitations of luxury multi-million dollar structures.

While dollhouses are seen as predominantly children’s toys, they are also hugely popular for adult hobbyists and collectors alike. Adult dollhouse enthusiasts may design and custom-build their own dollhouses, although some prefer ready-made dollhouses or kits. Miniatures for hobbyists include specialty items such as books, wallpaper, functioning clocks, dimmable lighting and also feature period furniture like Victorian or French Provincial. These luxury miniatures are widely available for sale online if you have an interest in redecorating your child’s dollhouse with them as a family activity.

New dollhouses offer many things that weren't available as little as ten years ago. With relatively easy setup, dollhouse sets like KidKraft models come fully painted and often include furniture, lighting and even sounds like doorbells and the flushing of a toilet. In KidKraft dollhouses, each room is typically designed with its own unique style and some models feature things like elevators, pools and detailed latticework. For more information, check out the complete buyer's guide on children's dollhouses at BestReviews.

KidKraft dollhouse features

KidKraft dollhouses come in a number of unique floor plans, heights and sizes to suit your child’s bedroom or playroom. When selecting your child’s dollhouse, refer to the size specifications to be certain it will fit comfortably in their space — some models can be surprisingly tall and very wide as well. Their large size is characteristic of KidKraft dollhouses so your children can play with it as they grow. The size is also ideal when sharing the dollhouse with other kids.

KidKraft dollhouses come with a large variety of cool accessories that enhance the play experience for your children. The aesthetic of the house will determine its colors and furniture; a modern dollhouse like the Uptown model will feature contemporary finishes while a more traditional dollhouse like the Annabelle features scrollwork for a more vintage vibe.

Each unique dollhouse has a special floor plan with different rooms to explore. The Majestic has eight rooms and includes a loft nursery and garage with opening doors. The Uptown features a pool and a modern elevator which is accessible to all three floors. The Annabelle has a master suite that features an adorable attached balcony.

KidKraft dollhouses are relatively straightforward to set up for one person, though it may be more convenient with two people. They come with detailed step-by-step instructions and some include hardware for anchoring the dollhouse to your wall for increased safety and sturdiness. Due to their size and number of parts, it is not recommended that this dollhouse be left for assembly until the night before a holiday in the event it takes longer than expected to build. Some KidKraft dollhouses are easier assembled with the use of a drill. Ensure you read the manufacturer specifications when ordering so that you have what you need for assembly on hand.

KidKraft dollhouses are extremely affordable for the features they include, their size, their durability and their overall value. The price range for most KidKraft dollhouse models is roughly $100-$275 with many models costing approximately $180. The larger and more detailed the dollhouse, the higher the price.

Can these dollhouses be assembled by one person?

A. Yes, KidKraft dollhouses can definitely be assembled by one person. However, following the instruction manual carefully is necessary. Using basic tools like a screwdriver, washers and a hand drill are also helpful if assembling without assistance.

Once assembled, can I move my child’s dollhouse to another room?

A. KidKraft dollhouses are easily moved to another room in the house once assembled. Due to their height and shape, it isn't recommended that you attempt to move the dollhouse great distances alone as doing so could damage the integrity of the structure. Be sure to have another adult with you to help.

Which KidKraft dollhouse should I get?

Best of the best KidKraft dollhouse

KidKraft Majestic Mansion dollhouse: available at Amazon

Our take: The Majestic is as the title describes: a mansion. Large enough for several children to play with at once, KidKraft's Majestic Mansion dollhouse is a beautiful toy that will guarantee countless hours of uninterrupted imaginative play.

What we like: This dollhouse boasts eight individual rooms including a loft and garage. With a sturdy wood construction and functioning elevator, this dollhouse is sure to amaze your child and impress their friends. This dollhouse will accommodate Barbies, Bratz and L.O.Ls with ease and includes an amazing amount of gorgeous accessories for your kids to enjoy.

What we dislike: Due to its size and additional features, this dollhouse has a higher price point.

Best bang for your buck KidKraft dollhouse

KidKraft Uptown modern dollhouse: available at Amazon

Our take: The Uptown modern dollhouse by KidKraft is a trendy and fun dollhouse that lights up, has interactive sounds for realistic play and includes a backyard with a pool. It comes at a great price for all of its unique features.

What we like: The funky modern design of this dollhouse will surprise and delight your children and it has an interior/exterior staircase that is easy to play with from the front or the back. It is very sturdy and also includes a functioning elevator that can access all three floors.

What we dislike: A small number of reviewers noticed a few cosmetic issues with scratches on the paint during production.

Honorable mention KidKraft dollhouse

KidKraft Annabelle wooden dollhouse with elevator: available at Amazon

Our take: The Annabelle is a lovely throwback dollhouse that features a quaint interior design like latticework and scrollwork. It has a functioning elevator and a balcony off the master bedroom.

What we like: This dollhouse is an excellent choice for parents of children who want a traditional dollhouse with a cute vintage feel. With 17 adorable accessories to mix and match, this dollhouse is an excellent buy at a great price.

What we dislike: Some reviewers found the paint showed wear after their children spilled drinks or food on it.

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