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VIENNA, W.Va. (WTAP) - The community rallied together to stuff over 1,000 stuffed animals for foster kids.

WTAP got a first-hand glimpse at the efforts organized by Kelly’s Closet.

The event was set up like an assembly line. First the toys were stuffed and velcroed then they were passed down the line to be tied up with a ribbon and an extra bottle of lavender scent to keep the animals smelling good.

Their final destination is the hands of foster kids. About 500 will be distributed to Children’s Home Societies across West Virginia. The rest will go to child protective services in Wood County.

Founder and president of Kelly’s Closet, Kelly Polinsky, explained further.

“When these kids are having their worst day ever, which is usually being taken out of their home, everything they’ve ever known, especially the littles, they really enjoy having these comfort therapy animals.”

There was thought put into every stitch of each toy, the ribbons around each bag matching the color of the stuffed animals. Even their smell was intentional.

Polinsky said, “Lavender scent has been known to be not only very non-allergenic, it’s also very calming.”

It’s a mission that wouldn’t be possible without community support.

Laurea Ellis of West Virginia DHHR said, “The community response has been overwhelming. I mean we are amazed at how many volunteers are here today.”

Volunteer Michelle Mcintytre said, “It’s just an honor and a privilege to be able to be here for the kids...to give back to them to let them know that there are people who do care.”

And the chain of kindness didn’t stop there. All the stuffed animals were donated by Lavender Life Company and Property Management Company offered to ship all the toys to Kelly’s Closet for free.

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