New Forecast Says South Dakota Could Be in For a Much Warmer Fall –


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We're ready for cooler temps, right? Kids are going back to school, the pumpkin spice craze is here, and the tippy-top leaves of the Autumn Blaze maple trees are starting their colorful transition. Fall is definitely right around the corner. But wait...the long-range forecast for the upper plains has a different picture for South Dakota. One that could delay the chilly days that usually happen in October and November.

The culprit that could delay fall is setting up in the Pacific Ocean. It's called La Niña.

"We expect another La Niña event to evolve over the next few months, and the tropical circulation associated with this evolution typically leads to warm autumns" ~ Dr. Todd Crawford, Director of Meteorology at Atmospheric G2

According to the Weather Channel, La Niña can influence weather patterns across the globe, but this September, October, and November, could linger in the western and north-central United States.

Of course, long-range forecasts are subject to many changes and we could get smacked by another Halloween blizzard like the one that happened in 1991, where Sioux Falls had icy temperatures and 15" of snow with high winds. On the other hand, we could be playing cornhole in the backyard during Thanksgiving dinner.

Only time will tell. But if you are one who enjoys the crisp autumn nights and the first frost, we may be in for a little longer wait.

Credit: The Weather Channel

You can see more of the 2021 fall forecast maps here courtesy of the Weather Channel. It's kind of amazing.

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