In closing, let me just add that camDown and I know your neighbors would agree!

Due to delinquent rent and other charges, Park N Stor Self Storage is disposing of the contents in the following units. The ENTIRE contents of each unit listed below will be considered as sold effective at 8: 00 a.m. FRIDAY AUGUST 6, 2021


Tenant City State Zip Unit BRIEF listing of contents

Market Express location – 850 S. Carbon Ave., Price, Utah

Cloward, Leisa Price, UT 84501 M95 Organizers, shelf, plastic poles, mattress, tents, boxes misc

Franklin, Josh Wellington, UT 84542 M143 Backpack, water cooler, propane tank, gas cans, speakers,  TV, misc clothes, C-Mas, junk

Herrera, Benny R. Huntington, UT 84528 M154 Fishing equip, camp chairs, cedar chest, baseball bat,  hose, wood shelf

Hufford, Shaun No Address M85 Ladder, dolly’s, various tools/equip, fishing pole,  paint supplies, a/c unit, wood

Price, Jessica Price, UT 84501 M1 Couch, bed frame, dressers, night stand, suitcase,  bag misc, misc coats

Sanchez, Morgan R. Price, UT 84501 M113 Mattress

South Location – 175 E. 2750 S. (Hwy. 10) Price, Utah

Burgess, Kathy Layton, UT 84041 S214 Wheelbarrow, misc hand tools, wood rocking chair,  fishing poles, fire pit, Cmas lights, pet crate, bathroom scale, tackle box, circular saws, shovels & racks, air nail gun, vacuum, umbrellas, skiis, cd’s, gas can, plastic chair,  +/- 20x boxes misc

Coleman, Raymond Price, UT 84501 S74 Speakers, cooler, furniture, TV, vacuum, folding chair, crib mattress, couches, cd’s, toys, +/- 20x boxes totes/sacks/misc

Espinoza, Johnny J. Price, UT 84501 S98 Vacuum, boxes, cowboy hat, kids tool bench

Sherman, Cole Huntington, UT 84528 S95 Couch, weight bench, bar stool, cowboy hats, glass hutch, 

(Alexis Orellana) baby swing, baby walker, barbell/weights, mattresses, boxes sacks/totes/misc

Valdez, Chriselyn Kearns, UT 84118 S134 Vase, loveseat, china hutch, boxes misc, microwave, pictures, shelves, coffee table, jewelry holder

East Location – 2551 E. Highway 6, Price, Utah

Bigham, Kathy L. East Carbon, UT 84520 E246 Metal shelving, walkers, baby gate, chest freezer, folding table, TV, drums, ironing board, sewing machine, chest

Carter, Matthew Price, UT 84501 E284 Table, headboard, dresser, TV’s, misc clothing & bedding, misc household

Clark, Amber WVC, UT 84128 E352 BBQ, hutch, ext. cords, crutches, golf clubs, shovel, baby car seat & swing, heat lamp, hand saw, boxes/totes/sacks misc household, fishing poles, trouble light

Cooke, Daniel Wellington, UT 84542 E287 Boxes misc, suitcase, backpacks

Grill, Jennifer P. Price, UT 84501 E105 Couches, appliances, table/chairs, hutch, auto parts

Lettas, Matthew Price, UT 84501 E22 Step stool, car battery, coolers, mini trampoline, car parts, folding chairs/table, TV, tools, fishing pole, scooter, mattresses, car vac, fan, punching bag, misc tools, clothing, rafts, bean bag chairs, misc bags, loose household & clothing, shoes, boots

Roberts, Jackie M. Salina, UT 84654 E209 Washer/Dryer, TV’s, swamp cooler, bird cage, gas can, trap, couches, misc rocks, engine parts, garden hose, hand tools, microwave, fan, boxes/sacks/containers misc

Published in the ETV Newspaper July 21 and July 28, 2021.

As we get started, can I just say that camDown !