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Everyone has that dream vacation you would just love to go on right now, ah yes toes in the sand your favorite libation in your hand, and not a care in the world. I know I would love to go on one and it seems that Americans are on the same think mind I am on too. A new study has found seven in 10 Americans will do absolutely almost anything to go on a two-week vacation.

In order to escape the confines of their home and go on vacation, over half the people in survey said they would endure a bath in ice-cold water. Meanwhile, 43% would work on every weekend for a year and 38% would willingly give up celebrating every holiday for a year.

Also, When they’re on vacation, people are more likely to eat exotic foods (57%) You Have to try something exotic when you are in a wonderful and unique place, a little over half of us would spend more money, cha-ching! and laugh more than they would at home.

What would we do for that two-week vacation, here are the top answers In a poll done by Dan Aykroyd, Founder of Crystal Head Vodka.

Take a bath in ice-cold water

Work on every weekend for a year up

Give up celebrating holidays for a year

Take a 10% cut to my pay

Give up my favorite food

A dream parking spot

Cancel Netflix/streaming service forever

Give up social media for a year

Have your worst selfie published online

So what would you do for a two-week vacation?

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