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As a child, there are few things more satisfying than a sunny day spent outside, and the right swing set can turn your own backyard into your child’s go-to place to burn off some energy. Today’s options offer more than just the flying sensation of the swing itself: They can come stacked with slides, forts, climbing walls and other activities to keep your child moving for hours. How do you choose the right swing set for your family’s needs?The parenting and product experts at the Good Housekeeping Institute test all of the must-haves for babies, toddlers and children, from baby carriers to toys, and everything in between. To find the best swing sets, we have compared over a dozen models in recent years, with our tiny testers logging hundreds of hours of play. We considered overall design, durability, play features and industry safety standards. These are the best swing sets to buy: Best Overall Swing Set: Creative Playthings Spring Hill Swing SetBest Value Swing Set: Swing-N-Slide Ranger Wooden Swing SetBest Metal Swing Set: Lifetime Monkey Bar Adventure Swing SetBest Wooden Swing Set: CedarWorks Frolic Swing SetBest Swing Set for Small Yards: Backyard Discovery Oakmont PlaysetBest Swing Set for Big Kids: Gorilla Playsets Playmaker Deluxe Wooden Swing SetBest Swing Set for Infants: Costzon Toddler Climber and Swing SetBest Swing Set for Toddlers: Step2 Naturally Playful Playhouse ClimberBest Swing Set for Groups: KidKraft Andorra Cedar Swing SetWhat to look for when shopping for a swing setMaterials: Most swing sets are made of wood or metal with plastic, or a combination of these materials: ✔️ Wood swing sets have a more classic look, fitting in with the landscape of your yard, and they’re durable, with some lumber — like cedar and redwood — being naturally resistant to bugs and decay. Still, for maximum protection over time, you’ll want to maintain the stain, check the bolts and watch out for splinters. ✔️ Metal swing sets generally require less upkeep, but quality varies with metal types and coatings. Heat can also be an issue, with metal causing burns on hot days. Look for a metal with a protective coating to keep kids safe.✔️ Plastic swing sets tend to hold less weight than wood or metal, so these can be good starter swing sets for younger children. Plastic also eliminates the risk of splinters and reduces risk of burns, but is less likely to maintain vivid coloring after sun exposure over time.Features: By definition, every swing set needs a swing, but many sets have great add-ons, like multiple swing options, slides, climbing walls, monkey bars, decks and more features that encourage different kinds of movement and play. Some sets are constructed so that you can add features over time, while others don’t allow for modifications later on.Size: Most swing sets will last between 7 and 10 years, so pick something that your child can grow with. If you’re planning to grow your family or host playdates, consider a set that accommodates multiple children. But most importantly, measure your space to ensure you’ll have enough clearance around swing sets.Safety: Make sure the swing set you buy is designed for your child’s age and stage. Pay attention to weight limits, and look for sets that meet ASTM safety standards. Check that your swing set has no small spaces children that can get stuck inside, and keep an eye out for exposed chains with pinching hazards.Play area: You can greatly reduce the odds of injury from playground falls by covering nonabsorbent surfaces, such as grass and dirt, with 6 to 12 inches of shock-absorbing materials, such as shredded rubber, sand, pea gravel or wood chips. For maximum swing set safety, our experts recommend extending a 6-foot “fall zone” surrounding the play area cushioned with your shock-absorbing surfaces.

1Best Overall Swing Set

Spring Hill Swing Set

Creative Playthings

This swing set has something for every kid. In addition to its two swings, it also features a trapeze, slide, a ground-level picnic table and a covered top-level porch, accessible by ladder or climbing wall. Creative Playthings also offers attachments you can add and swap over time, including alternate swing options, a standing swing, a steering wheel and more.
Our experts love the durability of this set, made with dense southern yellow pine wood and treated with Sherwin Williams water repellant stain, adding extra protection from rot and insects. Plastisol-coated swing chains and non-slip ladder rungs mitigate potential safety hazards while this swing set meets all other ASTM safety standards.
Assembled dimensions: 15′ x 12′ x 7′

Well made and extremely durable
Lots of attachment options for customized play
Meets ASTM safety standards

2Best Value Swing Set

Ranger Wooden Swing Set


This wooden swing set features a classic A-frame styling and is crafted with sturdy cedar. It comes with two swings and a trapeze, which can be easily swapped with alternate swing options such as a bucket swing for toddlers or a glider. It doesn’t offer any added play features, but its simplicity keeps the cost much lower than other sets. All chains are coated with plastisol to prevent pinched fingers and rust, and the set meets ASTM safety standards.

Assembled dimensions: 8’8 x 7’8 x 6’10

Under $500
Meets ASTM safety standards

No additional play features

3Best Metal Swing Set

Monkey Bar Adventure Swing Set


If you prefer a metal swing set, this model by Lifetime offers a range of play options and a safe construction, with features including three swings, a trapeze, a slide, monkey bars and a fire pole.
The powder coating is meant to preserve the metal’s strength and color as it’s exposed to weather over time, while all hard edges are rounded or covered with plastic caps to keep corners safe and chains are fitted with rubber grips to prevent pinching. This swing set meets ASTM safety standards for home use.
Assembled dimensions: 18’10 x 14 x 7’8

Equipped with multiple play options, like monkey bars and a fire pole
Metal edges are rounded or covered in plastic for added safety
Meets ASTM safety standards

4Best Wooden Swing Set

Frolic Swing Set


CedarWorks’s swing sets are made with premium quality white cedar, selected for its longevity with minimal to no maintenance. The beautifully crafted sets are fully customizable to fit your needs, space and budget, and our Lab pros particularly love the 3D modeling tools to help you fully understand the designs before they come to life. Options include swings, trapeze bars, slides, ladders, rope walls, rock walls, forts and so much more, and sets can be updated as your children grow. Whether you select a pre-designed set or customize your own, all swing sets by CedarWorks meet ASTM safety standards. 

Assembled dimensions: 15′ x 14′ x 12′ pictured; fully customizable

Premium quality materials and construction
Fully customizable designs
Meets ASTM safety standards

5Best Swing Set for Small Yards

Oakmont Playset

Backyard Discovery

Our Lab pros loved that this swing set packs a lot of play into a comparatively small footprint. It features two swings, a trapeze, a canopy-covered top deck accessible via ladder with a slide dismount, and a covered ground-level fort with a swinging door, a snack window and a park bench just outside. Made with resilient pre-stained cedar wood, which naturally resists mold and decay, this set meets ASTM safety standards. For even more play, Backyard Discovery offers swing sets in a range of sizes and budgets, and our Lab pros also loved the products for adults, such as pergolas.

Assembled dimensions: 14′ x 11’3 x 8’7

Lots of features with a small footprint
Resilient cedar construction
Meets ASTM safety standards

6Best Swing Set for Big Kids

Playmaker Deluxe Wooden Swing Set

Gorilla Playsets

For older kids, our Lab pros love the versatility of Gorilla Playsets. In addition to active play tools, including two swings, a trapeze, a climbing rock wall, dual slides, a canopy-covered top deck and a built-in sandbox, this set comes with fun accessories, like a steering wheel, tic-tac-toe panel, a chalkboard and a telescope, to encourage imagination and creativity. The brand also makes even more extensive swing sets, with multiple decks and rope climbing walls. Crafted with decay-resistant cedar wood and outfitted with recessed bolts and rubber-coated chains for added protection, this set meets ASTM safety standards.

Assembled dimensions: 14’6 x 12′ x 10′

Versatile options for both active and imaginative play
Meets ASTM safety standards

7Best Swing Set for Infants

Toddler Climber and Swing Set


For the littlest ones, this compact indoor or outdoor swing set will provide hours smiles. The swing is secure with a high back, armrests and a front T-bar, while the soft slope on the slide will let your infant feel some wind in their hair, without sending them flying. A non-slip step ladder helps them build their leg muscles, and the detachable basketball hoop and ring toss encourage both hand-eye coordination. Made from plastic, this swing set won’t put your infant at risk for splinters or overheated surfaces the way wood and metal might, plus our experts love that it’s easy to wipe clean.

Assembled dimensions: 5’6 x 4’11 x 3’11

Variety of play option for infants, including a swing, slide, ladder, and basketball hoop
Made with easy-to-clean plastic
Under $500

8Best Swing Set for Toddlers

Naturally Playful Playhouse Climber


If your toddler is itching to graduate to a belt swing but they’re not quite ready for a full-sized swing set, try this pick from Step2. Complete with two swings, a slide, a top deck, and a ground-level clubhouse, this set will give your toddler a taste of the big kid swings while keeping them relatively low to the ground. Made from plastic for outdoor use, this swing set is sturdy and easy to wipe clean.
Assembled dimensions: 9’2 x 9’7 x 6’3

Nice in-between size for toddlers
Variety of play options with two swings, a slide and an enclosed clubhouse

9Best Swing Set for Groups

Andorra Cedar Swing Set


This swing set is built to hold up to seven children at once across its two swings, slide, rock wall, canopy-covered top deck (complete with an interior chalkboard) and lower-level sandbox. It’s crafted with pre-stained cedar, which naturally resists mold and rot, and boasts a more modest price point than other comparable play sets.
Assembled dimensions: 10’3 x 9′ x 7’11

Holds up to seven children at once
Lots of options for play, including swings, a slide, a rock wall, sandbox and more
Modest price point compared to other sets

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