Little Nightmares II Chapter 3 Walkthrough – Attack of the Fanboy


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A comprehensive guide to Chapter 3 of Little Nightmares II

Spoiler warning: As you can probably guess, this article features heavy spoilers for chapter 3 of Little Nightmares II. 
Collectables in this chapter:
Hats: 2
Glitches: 4
Enemies: Patients, hands, The Doctor

As you’re coming to the end of chapter 2 you will come across a hospital with an open window. After climbing through the window, you’ll find yourself in a dark corridor which marks the beginning of chapter 3. You’re going to need to keep walking until you come across two beds which are blocking your path, one overturned and the other upright.

Crouch down and crawl under the upright bed and walk past a locked metal door with a shadowy figure in a wheelchair behind it. Keep going and you’ll come to a set of double doors with a small amount of light shining through its windows.

Push the door open and the force will send you tumbling over a very abrupt ledge. Six will catch you and pull you back up. Directly in front of you are three beds – two tied together to form a bunkbed and one positioned vertically in front of them.

Six will go ahead of you so you just need to copy her and jump onto the first bed and then across to the vertical bed which you can climb up to jump across to the top bed. From here you can climb up the make-shift rope that is now in front of you. The rope leads to another bed which you can pull yourself up onto.

From here, you just need to jump to a series of two more beds before you can jump up and through the doorway in front of you.
Right next to the door is an electronics panel with a fuse plugged into it. You’re going to need to take this out and place it in a second panel at the end of the hallway.

This will cause the door you entered through to slide shut but the door at that end of the hallway will now open. Walk through the doorway and you’ll drop down onto the top of an elevator. This will cause the elevator to jerk and you need to act quickly because it won’t hold your weight for long. There’s a vent in front of you which you need to open.

The force of opening it will throw you back a little, but once Mono is back on his feet you need to quickly climb through before the elevator drops. Follow the vent system through and you’ll end up in a hospital ward. On the floor, just in front of you is a torch.

Pick it up and turn it on and you’ll see a partially open sliding gate in front of you and you’ll enter another large ward room. There is an open door opposite you, but first take a detour and walk past the beds and towards a closed door. Beside the door is a small cart and this is where you’ll find your first glitch of the chapter.

Pick it up before heading through the open door I mentioned before. Walk along this corridor until you can turn left at the corner with a wheelchair in front of you.

Walk past it and you’ll see an open door on your right that leads to a small reception area with a vending machine and a metal gate blocking your path. You’ll see a button next to the gate which you’ll need to press to open it. Since you can’t reach it, you’ll need to find something to throw which is where the vending machine comes into play. Jump at the handle in the centre and it will release a can which can be thrown at the button to open the gate. If you do this four to five more times, you’ll get the achievement ‘Hunger.’

Once you’ve opened the gate you’ll enter a common room sort of area with another one of those static-TVs. Approach it like you did in the last chapter and unscramble the signal. Once again, you’ll find yourself in that strange corridor and will be thrown out once you get close to the door.

Once you’re back in that room, you’ll be able to see a set of stairs which lead to the upper level. There are three doors. The one in the centre requires two fuses to be slotted into the panel beside it while the one on the left only requires one. The problem is that there aren’t any in the immediate area. The door on the right only requires a key, but again, you don’t have it so you’re going to have to make a detour.
Rather than going up the stairs, head straight forwards through the open door beside them.

You’ll walk past an open elevator and through an open door that leads to an x-ray room. On the wall, you’ll see a number of scans, one of which shows a teddy bear with a key inside it. This is the key you need to unlock the door on the righthand side of the stairs.

Make your way through the x-ray room and you’ll come to another open door. This room is full of toys – one of these being the one with the key inside.

Before you look for the teddy, there’s a hat on the top of the shelving unit at the far side of the room. Climb up and grab it before heading back down. From the x-ray you’ll probably think you’re after the bear on-top of the table, but what you actually want is the bunny between the cabinet and wheelchair.

You can double check by putting it behind the x-ray machine and pulling the switch. You can also get the ‘X best friends’ achievement by holding hands with Six behind the x-ray machine.
Once you’ve found the bunny, you need to take it into the elevator which will lead you to the floor below where an incinerator is located. Throw the bunny inside and pull the switch.

The bunny will burn and you’ll be left with the key. If you do this wearing the bear hat you found earlier, you should unlock the ‘Toys are for kids’ achievement.
Now you’ve got the key you can head back to the locked door on the right-hand side of the stairs.

Unlock it and proceed onwards into an operating room filled with prosthetics hanging from the ceiling.

Exit the room and you’ll find yourself in a long hallway. Turn left down the hallway and you’ll pass some shelves and cages filled with more prosthetic bodies. At the end of the hallway you’ll find your second glitch.

Pick it up before heading down to the opposite end of the corridor and you’ll see a door with a broken window. Six will give you a boost through into another operating room. Straight across from you is a box full of hands. You need to move this out of the way so you can crawl under the gap behind it but as you do, a hand detaches itself from the body on the table and scurries away.

 Proceed with your task and crawl through into the next part of the room. Opposite you is a cage you can climb up onto to drop into the next part of the room.

As you do so, the hand will jump out again, but this time it’s ready to attack so jump past it and climb up onto the table in front of you.

It will be waiting for you in the next part of the room, but you can run past it and start climbing up the cages against the wall. The hand will climb after you though, so be quick about it. When you reach the top, there’s a vent you can climb through. Crawl through and drop down to the body bag below.

Follow the hallway and enter the only room you can and head straight to the end of the room. Once you get there, the hand will drop down from the vents above. Avoid it and climb up on the table in front of you.

From there you can climb up and through the shelves blocking your path and drop down in the next area. The hand will follow you, but there’s a hammer on the ground which you can use to crush it. Like with the bullies, timing is an issue, because if you miss your swing, the chances are, the hand will jump at you. The least risky way I found was to jump out of the way when the hand pounces because when it misses it will stumble giving you time to turn around and hit it. Once you hit it it will scurry away to hide and jump out from another angle so keep your eyes open.

You’ll need to make sure to hit the hand three times to kill it and if you hit it three more times after that, you’ll get the ‘…and stay dead’ achievement.
On the table by where you found the hammer you’ll find one of the fuses needed for the electrical board. Pick it up and take it over to the door. There’s a box full of hands in front of the door so the first thing you need to do is move this.

You’ll then see there is a glass pane in the lower part of the door that can be smashed if you throw the fuse at it. Once the glass is broken, climb through and you’ll end up back in the hallway where you left Six. She’ll have moved to the room opposite where you emerge so meet up with her and make your way back through until you reach the room with the stairs again. This time head around to the door on the left that needs one fuse.

Plug the fuse in and head through. You’ll enter a small room with a wheelchair that leads onto a hallway. As you enter the hallway, go right and you’ll see a metal door with a window. Six will boost you through it. Inside this room is a lone switch and a standing patient that’s blocking the gate you need to go through. Most of the patients don’t move, but there are a few that do in the dark, so you need to turn the switch to turn off the lights. Make sure you have your torch on because as soon as it goes dark, the patient will run at you.

Let him get about half-way towards you so he’s no longer blocking the way out before shining your light on him. You can now edge your way around him, but make sure you keep the light on him at all times as you slip between the gap in the metal door. The patient will be unable to follow you, but he’ll make a grab at you through the bars of the door.

Proceed along the hallway and turn right. You’ll see three patients, but none of these move so you’re safe to duck through the hole in the door at the end.

The next room is pretty terrifying as it’s full of patients and you don’t know which ones are going to move. As you walk through, two are going to charge at you.

The first is when you come across a cluster of them between two rows of beds on your right and it’s the middle one. The second one is a little further. They will both start running at you at around the same time so you’re going to have to run past them and then point your torch at them once they’re behind you and back away until you reach a bed which you can crouch under.

In the next part of the room, it’s the first one you pass on your left and as you proceed, there are some more on your right. It’s not too hard to pass them if you make sure to pin them behind them with your torch. You just need to make sure you account for all of them as you make your way towards the door at the back of the room.

You need to climb through the window, but as you have to turn your back on them to do this, you need to be quick. From the door, go straight ahead and there is a trolley you can climb up to help you reach the vent above.

Crawl through and you’ll drop down into a room with a bed and toilet. Exit the room and you’ll end up in a new hallway but before proceeding, you’re going to want to slip through the hole in the gate to your right. There’s an open door and inside is your third glitch.

Once you’ve picked it up you can go back and proceed down the corridor. You’ll notice doors lining both sides and after the third set of doors, arms will start popping out of the hatches in the door.

They’ll grab at you so you’re going to have to run past them, avoiding them from both sides until you turn a corner. At this point you’re going to start having to contend with crawling patients chasing you rather than just arms so keep running. Crawl beneath a couple of beds and make a run for the filing cabinet at the end of the hall. You can climb up this and through the vent.

Follow the vent system and you’ll drop into a shower room. Just beside where you drop is a switch for the lights. To your left is a small box. Drag it away to reveal a vent which can be crawled through. Your fourth and final glitch of the chapter is in this room.

Once you’ve picked it up, head back into the shower room and you’ll see a metal door opposite where you initially dropped down from. It’s locked but there’s a button to press to open it. Behind you are some bars of soap.

Pick one up and throw it at the button to open the door. Inside is a patient in a wheelchair. You need that wheelchair so what you’re going to have to do is turn the lights off using the switch from before then go and get the patient’s attention. Once you’re close enough, he’ll get out of the wheelchair and chase you. Use your torch to keep him at bay as you back towards the light switch. The moment you turn the torch away, he’ll be coming for you, so quickly pull the switch and turn the lights back on.

Now he’s frozen in place again, return to the wheelchair and wheel it over to the door so you can climb onto it and through the window.

You’ll drop into a large, dark room and this is my absolute least favourite part. The room is absolutely full of patients, and a fair few of them will run at you.

For the most part, you’ll have to rely on trial and error to get through this room since they’re going to come at you from all angles. Just keep moving and do your best to keep them behind you as much as you can. Once you reach the end of the room, duck under the boarded up doorway and you’re safe for the time being.

Just make sure you don’t stay too close to the doorway as the hands will grab at you. You’ll notice the ball behind you and you’ll get the ‘medicine ball’ achievement if you throw it at the hands. You’re almost back at the room with the stairs now. Further in the room, next to a stool is a switch.

Pull on it and it will cause the electrical board to short circuit and a fuse will be thrown to the ground. Pick it up and place it in the tray by the metal door. Six will retrieve it from her side and plug it into another electrical board to let you out. You can now take the fuse, along with the one that unlocked that section of the hospital in the first place and take it back to elevator in the next room. Put the fuses in place and pull the switch.

Go down the elevator and you’ll enter a hallway. Go straight ahead until you reach the end and turn the corner. At the end of the hallway is a metal gate with a small window and some rope attached.

Climb up and through and you’ll reach a morgue. As you approach the door, a hand will jump out and another will attempt to escape from behind a closed mortuary stretcher. Six will hold it back for as long as you can, but you still need to take care of the other one using the pipe on the floor. After you get two hits in, Six will no longer be able to hold the drawer shut and the second hand will escape so now you have two to deal with.

Kill them both and then help Six remove the last piece of wood boarding up the door. Crawl through the hole  and pass through the room with faces on the wall and into the next one which appears to be for storage.

You’ll first see the doctor in this room and some shelves which will allow you to sneak past him. Make your way to the first set of shelves and duck beneath them.

When he isn’t looking, sneak over to the second set of shelves and climb over them.  In the next section of the room, you’ll see the doctor working at a table.

You’ll need to sneak past when he isn’t looking and then crawl through the vent by the floor. This leads you to another ward room and in this room, he’ll be actively moving about from the ceiling. Using the beds for cover, cross the room and you’ll see a locked door.

It has a button to press and you’ll find some toys at the back of the room with which you can open it. Keep using the bed for cover as you make your way towards the toys. Grab one and then make your way to the door, throw the toy and run because the noise will catch his attention. Dash into the next room and hide under the bed so he doesn’t see you when he comes in to investigate.

Once he’s left, you’re free to climb up the filing cabinet opposite and into the vent. Follow the vent system through and you’ll find yourself on some broken ceiling.

At the far side is a hole you can drop through onto a stretcher below. Drop down and you’ll find yourself in a locked morgue. To find the key and get out, you need to pull out the open tray and climb into the box.

Six will then push you into the other side. Before you start searching for the key, head to the bottom drawer on the left of the table. Inside is the second and final hat of the chapter.

Pick it up and get back to work. Make sure you’ve opened all the drawers you can see in the picture below and then climb up onto the one closet to the door you entered through.

Jump up onto the next and then at the handle of the open drawer. It will swing across and allow you to jump down onto the table. From the chopping board you can jump to the drawer opposite and climb up.

Walk across the top and then jump down to the key. You can then go back the way you came and Six will pull you back through. Head to the locked door, unlock it and you’ll find yourself in a medium sized room with some filing cabinets and some shelves with bodies on them.

Climb up onto the filing cabinet and then jump across to the shelves beneath the vent. Follow the vent system and you’ll end up in a room with a metal gate which is missing the fuse to open it.

There is also an open doorway that leads to a larger room. The fuse you need is in the back of the room, in one of the upper drawers, but you can’t get it without being caught by the doctor who is in that room. Instead of going through the doorway where he’s likely to see you, crawl through the vent so you end up underneath a sink.

From there you can cross to underneath the table when he isn’t looking. From that table, cross to under the one in front of you. As you come out from under the second table you’ll see another vent which Six will boost you through.

You’re now in a room with a breathing patient laying on a bed, hooked up to some machines. Beside him is a switch that is too high for you to reach. Against the wall is a small rack with sheets in it with a ladder above it. Jump onto the rack and climb the ladder and you’ll find yourself on what remains of the floor above. Make your way across the floor until you’re directly above the switch.

Drop and latch onto the switch. This will turn off the machines and the patient will stop breathing. The doctor will be alerted so when he opens the door, be ready to run out. He’ll be too distracted to notice you.
You can now make your way to the wall where you can see the fuse. Six will pull out one of the trays for you so climb up and jump to the next one and then you can jump to where the fuse is.

Pick it up and return to the door. Again, opening the door will catch his attention so be ready to run as he’ll be hot on your trail. You’ll need to slide under a shelving unit and then avoid it as it falls as the doctor will knock it over.

In front of you is a stretcher which will act as a ramp, so be sure to run up it and jump. The chase will follow a similar pattern of you sliding under and jumping over things while avoiding the falling shelves until you reach another room with a furnace in. Lead the doctor into the furnace and drop down from the stretcher inside.

Once he’s inside, you can wade through the ash to escape through the vent underneath. He’ll try to grab you as you go, but once you’re out, Six will shut the door to lock the doctor in. You’re then free to pull the switch and incinerate him.

In the same room, there’s a elevator door with a switch. Once you’ve dealt with the doctor, head over to it and Six will boost you to the switch.

Get into the elevator and you’ll head up to one of the floors above. For the moment, you’ll still be in the hospital but this marks the end of chapter 3 of Little Nightmares II.

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