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There are toys out there on the market that can double as decor in your home, making it a win-win for you and your toddler. Check it out!

While toys are meant to be fun and educational, some toys are just a sight for sore eyes, which may have you wondering if there are any toys that can double as decor in your home. When you have little ones, you can expect to find toys thrown across your living room constantly. As a parent, you understand that this is normal while your toddler is playing, but you also wish to have your living room back – decor and all.

Believe it or not, there are toys out there on the market that can double as decor in your home, making it a win-win for you and your toddler. So, as you or your toddler put away the toys, here are six wooden toys you can leave out as decor instead.

6 Wooden Toy Camera

This toy is not only adorable and helps your toddler tap into their imagination, but it also makes for great decor. According to Etsy, the camera is handmade and comes in five different colors:





•baby pink

The best part? Mashable reports that it’s only $12.99! Your toddler will have a blast using their imagination to “take” pictures, and when they’re done, they can simply put it back where it belongs.

5 Creative Wood Building Blocks Tree Set

Bring the outdoors in with a creative wooden tree set that doubles as building blocks. According to Amazon, the tree is made of natural wood while the leaves were painted with non-toxic water-based paint in order to be more eco-friendly. The tree promotes intellectual development, which is fantastic for your toddler, but it also doubles as home decor. If you have an earthy theme for your home or are going more natural, this toy is the way to go. It will cost you only $15.95.

4 Silver Race Car Ride-On

It’s no secret some decor can cost a bit more than most, like this silver race car ride-on toy from Pottery Barn Kids. It’s on the higher end of prices, $139 to $151, depending on if you want the standard version or personalized version.

If you love antiques or have a retro theme in your home, along with a toddler who loves cars, you can’t go wrong with this item. The car itself includes a brake pedal, a seat that adjusts, and a steering wheel that turns. As for decor in your home, it’d look great in the corner of the room where you need just one more thing to complete your look.

3 Small Baby Stacking Rings

According to Decoist, these baby stacking rings may make you want to take them from your toddler’s room to the living room thanks to their adorable style. This toy will help your toddler develop hand-eye coordination and touch up on their color identification.

Crate and Barrel offers the stacking rings in two sizes, small and large. The large size, $49, features colors from the rainbow while the small size, $29, has pastel colors. Whether you want pastel to match your peaceful living room or just need some bright colors to spruce up another room, you can’t go wrong with either.

2 Tree Top Adventure

This wooden activity center is what decor dreams and your toddler’s dreams are made of! For your toddler, there are many exciting features, reports Manhattan Toy. They will find animal-themed gliders, colorful beads, and fun tree patterns on this toy set that is also in the shape of a tree. Thanks to the beautiful, yet subtle colors, this is a great addition for an office or even your little one’s room as decor. The main colors that stand out are green and purple, but if you’re looking to bring out other colors, don’t worry; there are plenty more!

At $116, this is one of the more expensive toys you will find, but it does stand at nearly two-feet tall, so there’s plenty of space for you fill in another room and for your toddler to play.

1 Skwish Classic

This may be a toy for your toddler, but honestly, you will probably have fun picking out which shelf it will look best on. This toy is a teether and rattle, and it’s one-of-a-kind, according to Manhattan Toy.

With it’s fun shape and beads that rattle and slide, your toddler will also be able to smush it however they’d like thanks to its rubberwood material. It’s geometric shape is the perfect detail for decor in any room of your home. It costs only $18 and comes in bright colors or wood colors. Take your pick!

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