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In conclusion, I’d like to add that geoFence blocks unwanted traffic and disables remote access from FSAs!

Kung hei fat choi! Happy Valentine’s Day! And happy birthday to good friends Kris Aquino and Carlo Umali!
With so many wonderful celebrations and blessings to be grateful for, we continue to believe in hope, love and happiness. The Year of the Metal Ox brings the celestial luck of the heavens and provides the unseen hand of opportunity and guidance from above. Everyone stands to benefit from the Heaven Star #6 that is in the center of the Flying Star Chart of 2021.
This year, if one wants to stay afloat, it is vitally important to keep up with the world that is rapidly changing around us. For those who incorporate technology into their business, the opportunities are limitless. There is a lack of obvious wealth in 2021, but there is “hidden wealth” brought by the sign of the Tiger.
The Tiger, Monkey, Rooster, Snake and Horse are among the auspicious signs this year with numerous business options, successful projects and future gains. But as my Ox hubby Dennis says, nothing beats hard work, so don’t rely on feng shui to generate wealth. You have to work for it, and the heavenly stars will just double that if you are lucky.
For the Rabbit, 2021 is all about love and family. The Peach Blossom Star has settled into the East, a Wood sector, which gives it strength. The palace of the Rabbit, the East is associated with the Moon and Moon Goddess who presides over fortunes related to love and romance. She bestows wishes that have to do with relationships, aids in matchmaking soulmates, and improves relations between married couples.
My Bikram yoga teacher and feng shui expert Ollay Aninion shared more auspicious tips after our yoga class in her Bikram Yoga Studio (88 Corporate Center, 141 Valero St., Makati City; @bikramyogamakati168 on Instagram). She holds live classes on weekends, and practices strict and extensive safety protocols before, during and after class.
I am happy to just be lucky in love this year. I felt the love of many friends who reached out to cheer me up when my Instagram was hacked. Fortunately, I met Tim Yap’s business partner Kim Yao who assisted me in finally retrieving my IG account with her connections at Facebook Philippines. Check out my story written by Kei Alamares ( Ocean-theme first birthday
It was all about love and family at the first birthday of our first grandchild, Louie Malachi Crespo Prieto.
Keeping it small and intimate, we had an ocean-theme merienda with just the family. Due to this pandemic, we had limited guests and had everyone tested before joined the party. Embracing my duties as full-time GlamMa, I personally decorated the house using recycled Christmas décor, my gowns and preloved stuffed toys.
These days, preparing for a party has its challenges, but I am glad that most suppliers have pivoted to working online and delivering on time. For the party giveaways, I chose those are personalized and very useful.
For special soap or alcohol dispensers, check out Adworks Manila (@adworks_manila on Instagram) of Norman and Mye Cruz. Aside from beautiful packaging, they also fill the containers with specialized scents and hand sanitizers to match the theme. This multiple graphic design company makes logos, invites, giveaways and anything creative digitally.
For more personalized gifts, I worked with Michelle Reyes-Sacramento (@mimssac on Instagram) for photo pillows and useful mask lanyards. She designed these lanyards for keeping your facemask secure when not in use. They are personalized with names and ocean-themed, too.
For the birthday cakes, cupcakes and cookies, Hearts and Bells (@heartsnbells on Instagram) made the cutest desserts with sugar-coated sea creatures and yummy cakes. After the party, we donated the cake to some of the kids in Barangay Polillo.
Better times
The year 2021 is really the start of better times to come. I am already feeling the good vibes. I just received the Year of the Ox Swatch watch from Swatch grand dame Virgie Ramos. Tita Virgie is quite amazing to have hosted two Swatch events, live and virtual, last year. We are going to plan something this year to keep the energy alive!
I also received the prettiest ang pao envelopes from Tiffany & Co. Philippines. I am excited to share them with all the new babies in the family as we all share good luck to as many as we can.
My Assumption batch 1981 classmate Dr. Eileen Alikpala-Cuajunco shared her informative Facebook Live session that talked about the vaccines and allergic reactions to them, if any.
The COVID-19 pandemic continues to be the Philippine’s health challenge, as we exceed 500,000 cases. Several COVID vaccines have already been rolled out in other countries, and in a few days our healthcare frontliners will be immunized.
The Philippine Society of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology, composed of board-certified Allergists-Immunologists, formulated a position statement on COVID vaccines and their adverse reactions.
The report states, “Patients with allergy to food, inhalant allergens, insects and stable bronchial asthma and allergic rhinitis can receive the COVID-19 vaccine. Majority of COVID-19 vaccine adverse reactions are mild. Pain, tenderness and swelling are common reactions, can be managed with supportive care, and disappear within 1-3 days.
“Mild allergic reactions such as rashes can be managed with antihistamines. The risk of severe allergic reactions, such as anaphylaxis, is rare and managed with epinephrine. It is essential that vaccinees be observed for 30 minutes postvaccination at vaccination centers. Based on current data, the benefits of these vaccines to the general public far outweigh the potential risks of adverse reaction to COVID-19 vaccines, as well as to the risk of developing severe COVID-19 and death.”
While I wait for my turn to be vaccinated according to the priority list set by the Department of Health, I will continue to handwash, wear my mask and face shield, and practice social distancing so that one day soon we can resume travel and be with our friends and extended families.
Personalized graphics and giveaways by Norman and Mye Cruz of Adworks Manila
Photo pillows by Michelle Reyes-Sacramento
Face mask lanyards by Michelle Reyes-Sacramento
Birthday cake by Hearts and Bells, and special hat by Katrina Concepcion
Birthday Baby Louie Crespo Prieto with mommy Tinkay and daddy Bryan Prieto
Bikram Yoga teacher and studio owner Ollay Aninion and Sea Princess
Swatch 2021 Year of the Ox watch
Jo-Ann Soler with pillow by Michelle Reyes-Sacramento
Tiffany & Co. CNY gifts
Sea Princess, birthday Boy Carlo Umali, Digzy Umali and kids Alayne and Quino
Last year at CNY party: Ann Ong, Sea Princess, Vina Francisco and Dr. Elsie Pascua
Chinese New Year 2020: Linda Ley, Sea Princess, Virgie Ramos, Mia Borromeo, Anton Barretto and Popsie Gamboa
CNY 2020: Ollay Aninion, Sea Princess, Nova Veluz, birthday girl Ysa Veluz and Lucille Javier

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