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When you’re gaming on your PC you need the very best peripherals to make sure you’re doing your gaming credentials justice. And foremost among gaming accessories when gaming on PC is a gamer’s mouse, which is a key conduit for in-game precision and control.So, to any gamer who is currently looking to upgrade their rodent today, and waht to know where to sink their cash, we’ve selected two of the most impressive models from our best gaming mouse buying guide and compared them in all the areas that matter – including build quality, button customisation, performance and more.As such, right here we compare the Roccat Kain 120 AIMO and Logitech G502 Lightspeed gaming mice, and to see which one comes out on top read on.Here are the best gaming headsetsCheck out the best gaming keyboardsROCCAT KAIN 120 AIMO VS LOGITECH G502 LIGHTSPEED: SPECS(Image credit: Logitech)The 120 AIMO is one of the most svelte models in the wider Roccat gaming mouse range, with dimensions of 6.5cm x 12.4cm x 4.3 cm. It’s a little smaller than some of the other mice in this category, but it also makes it ideal for those with smaller hands or users who wanted a lighter and less bulky experience at only 89g.It terms of dimensions, the G502 Lightspeed sports a bulkier design than the 120 AIMO, coming in at 13.12 x 7.52 x 4.11 cm. And at only 114g, it’s surprisingly lightweight when you consider mice in the same category are often a lot heavier. A lighter design is key when you’re pulling off 360 no scopes, so you’ll be thanking Logitech for that design choice mid-match.ROCCAT KAIN 120 AIMO VS LOGITECH G502 LIGHTSPEED: DESIGN AND BUILD QUALITY(Image credit: Roccat)Roccat has produced a design that very goes against the grain of its previous gaming mice, eschewing a bulky chassis in favour of something far sleeker. The asymmetrical design, but it’s very much designed for right-hand gamers who want a simpler aesthetic with a comfortable fit in the hand.Logitech continues to prove its one of the best PC gaming peripheral manufactures in the biz with the G502 Lightspeed. Its plastic chassis is PVC-free and feels smooth and comfortable in hand, while its button tensioning system ensures this mouse delivers a crisp, clean click from its two main buttons every time.ROCCAT KAIN 120 AIMO VS LOGITECH G502 LIGHTSPEED: FEATURES AND PERFORMANCE(Image credit: Logitech)The 120 AIMO features 512KB of onboard memory and with comes with Omron switches as standard for crisp, responsive clicks when you’re under pressure in an online match. Those switches sit a little higher than the previous version, so clicks feel faster and are ideal for games where fast clicks are a must.The G502 Lightspeed is packed to the gills with extra features. It has a tuneable weight system which enables you to add up six weights to the accessory to suit your sensitivity; customisable LIGHTSYNC RGB lighting; the ability to game up to 60 hours on a full charge or 2.5 hours on a five minute charge; a 25,6000dpi HERO sensor and a truly reliable wireless signal.Power your games with the best graphics cardsAll the best tablets you can buy right nowROCCAT KAIN 120 AIMO VS LOGITECH G502 LIGHTSPEED: CUSTOMISATION(Image credit: Roccat)The 120 AIMO has customisable AIMO eco-system illumination, with the choice of 16.8 million colour variations. And while there’s no over-the-top programmable button customisation, those Titan Click buttons are fantastic, delivering up to 50 million clean clicks.In terms of customisation options, the G502 Lightspeed comes with an impressive 11 programmable buttons, including the primary and secondary click buttons, the scroll wheel (which features a hyper fast-dual mode for even quicker scrolling) and more – all of which you can adjust from Logitech’s G Hub software.ROCCAT KAIN 120 AIMO VS LOGITECH G502 LIGHTSPEED: PRICING AND VERDICT(Image credit: Logitech)If you’re looking for a reasonably priced gaming mouse that offers a confident mid-range experience, you really can’t go wrong with the 120 AIMO. Offering a sleek and comfortable design, this highly responsive peripheral easily double as a gaming accessory and a normal mouse and will set you back around £50/$60.The G502 Lightspeed sits further up the pricing scale at the premium end of the market, so expect to pay around £130/$175. And with its eSports-ready wireless signal, the bulky ergonomic design and the sheer quality of its build, this is a powerful little accessory that will make a real difference to your gaming sessions if you’re willing to spend a little more on your gaming mouse.These are the best gaming laptopsAnd these are the fastest SSDs

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