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My daughter is now one year old, and as a former preschool teacher, I know how vital sensory development is, especially at this age. Given she is at the stage where it seems her biggest sensory exploration is taste (aka she puts everything in her mouth!) I want to make sure the sensory toys I introduce her to are made from quality material, nontoxic, and of course, are not a choking hazard. Sensory play not only incorporates your child’s senses but is calming, helps them focus, develops their fine motor skills, improves cognitive growth, and teaches problem-solving skills. Here are 12 sensory toys for one-year-olds.

Textured Ball SetBabies love to touch, feel and THROW! This textured ball set can help your child explore their senses while keeping everyone safe as they work on their pitch.

Musical InstrumentsThis one may not be a parent favorite, but it sure is a baby favorite! Your child will love to hear the different sounds each instrument makes based on how they interact with it. Playing with musical instruments supports several sensory factors while stimulating brain development.

Size Sorting ToysThis toy also aids in hand-eye coordination while helping your child develop problem-solving skills.

Chunky Wood PuzzlesPuzzles are a great teaching tool for children. From sorting to matching to shapes to colors, and so much more! They are great for hand-eye coordination and developing fine motor skills.

Push Pop Bubble ToyThe vibrant varying colors of this toy are engaging to the eye, while the physical act of pushing aids in developing their fine motor skills. This sensory toy also teaches cause and effect.

Pull Along Sensory BoxThis sensory box teaches children cause and effect while engaging their senses in touch, sound, and sight.

Soft Stacking BlocksAnother fine motor sensory toy that also teaches cause and effect, problem-solving, and math. Each block has different patterns and textures, while the soft silicone material makes it safe for when the tower of blocks comes crashing down!

The Fine Motor HedgehogThis is a personal favorite given how much my one year old plays with this. The different colored spikes are eye-catching and help teach color recognition.

Press and Stay Sensory BlocksThese blocks can connect and stack in various ways, allowing your child to create, imagine and build without restriction. These sensory blocks have high contrast colors while being made of exciting textures.

Fabric Stacking RingStacking rings have been a baby staple for many years, and for good reason! This fabric stacking ring brings it up a notch by incorporating the baby’s different senses.

Textured Bean BagsThe different sounds and feel from each beanbag will excite and engage your baby every time!

Touch and Feel BooksTouch and feel books hit so many sensory marks! From exciting pictures to different textures and even sounds depending on the book.

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