Bright Wonders welcomes Swiss brand Trauffer to portfolio – Toy & Hobby Retailer


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Bright Wonders has announced that it has been named as the new exclusive Australian distributor of Swiss brand Trauffer. 
Trauffer’s classic wooden animals have been handcrafted in Switzerland for over 80 years. 
Each piece is hand-sawn, sanded and painted using child-safe natural colours and water-based paints, making each toy unique. 
With a focus on sustainability, Trauffer creates its toys using only 100% FSC certified Swiss wood, helping it to reduce transport emissions, while air drying methods are also used to dry the wood. 
Welcoming the brand to its portfolio, Bright Wonders will launch 50 Trauffer SKUs into the Australian market across farm, forest and wild animal categories. 
“Trauffer will be a perfect fit with the rest of our brands and we are excited that they are joining our award winning portfolio of toys,” the business said in a statement. 
“We particularly love the endless opportunities for open ended play and creativity that these animals offer. “They are perfect for engaging imaginations and enhancing emotional intelligence,” Bright Wonders said. 

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