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toy is made of woodMontessorirobotscarThe Best Montessori Baby ToysWimmer-Ferguson Mobile by Manhattan Toy You can expose babies to the concept of Montessori right out of the womb. This high-contrast black-and-white mobile engages a baby’s visual skills, and lets the child track its movements.Buy Now $29.97Sensory Clutch Ball by Wee GalleryA soft ball that encourages sensory exploration, this one has different textures and high-contrast graphics.BUY NOW $38.00Baby Key Rattle by PlanToys This colorful wood rattle helps develop your baby’s ability to grasp.Buy Now $12.65Wimmer-Ferguson Soft Blocks by Manhattan Toy Babies respond to the visually stimulating black and white color pattern, interspersed with bright hues. And there’s ample sensory stimulation as well: The soft blocks feature crinkle paper, a rattle, and a chime.Buy Now $22.99Wooden Rainbow Baby Roller by PlanToys When babies roll this ball, they learn about motion and work their motor skills. And they hear a gentle tinkling sound.Buy Now $15.99The Best Montessori Toys for ToddlersHand Puppets by Cate & Levi Kids create and act out stories with these funky and utterly unique hand puppets, handmade from reclaimed wool.Buy Now $19.99The Block Set by LoveveryThis set of 70 wood multi-colored blocks allows kids to build the towers and cities and animals of their dreams. And in doing so, they learn about spatial awareness and problem-solving, as they figure what needs to go where to build what.Buy Now $90.00Wooden Balance Board by WobbelSure, it’s a balance board. But is it also a … tunnel? A bridge? A cradle? Part of a fort? It can be anything, which is why it’s so magical. And it can support 485 pounds’ worth of human, which means you’ll get several years’ worth of play out of it. $59.95Rainbow Stacking Toy by Dena This brilliantly simple silicone toy is a puzzle, a stacker, or a building toy. In other words, it’s whatever your kid wants it to be. It helps kids learn about colors and work on their hand-eye coordination.BUY NOW $50.00Wooden Rainbow Stacking Puzzle by LewoSure, at first glance this is a wood puzzle. And it’s a mighty engaging one. But take it apart, and it becomes a roof or a stable or a rocket or a tree.Buy Now $21.99Wooden Pegboard by CoogamPart wooden pegboard, part puzzle, this toy comes with 26 pieces that kids snap together to make letters, numbers, flowers — or interesting shapes created by the imagination.Buy Now $9.99Carrot Wooden Puzzle by Cucú It looks good enough to eat. This wood puzzle, with pieces hand-cut by artisans in Mexico, helps toddlers with their fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination. Also, it’s a carrot! So it can be play-eaten when complete.BUY NOW $35.00Every product on Fatherly is independently selected by our editors, writers, and experts. If you click a link on our site and buy something, we may earn an affiliate commission.Related Articles: 40 Amazingly Funny Bad Puns to Share With Your KidsLessons from GameStop for Casual Investors: Day Trade for the Lolz, Not the MoneyHow to Use Chores to Create a Gender-Equal HouseholdNew ‘SpongeBob’ Movie And Prequel Series Will Debut On Paramount+The post The Best Montessori Toys for Babies and Toddlers appeared first on Fatherly.Originally published January 28, 2021, 12: 57 PM
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