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When snow blankets Long Island, it can be almost impossible to get your kids back inside the house. Playing among the fallen flakes is fun as is, but there are toys available that can make the experience extra special. 

Paricon snowball maker

Credit: Amy Morton
Making a snowball can be either a clumsy or painfully chilly experience. This toy takes the hand out of the handiwork. It allows children ages four and older to make perfectly round snow spheres, and as the device weighs less than a pound, it’s easy to carry into any snow-throwing situation. INFO Available via major retailers; pricing varies between $13-$16. More info at pariconsleds.com.

Create A Castle deluxe kit

Credit: Create A Castle
While building an igloo by hand can be arduous, this mold system makes it simple. Fill the molds with snow, and then release them to create a 10-inch tower and a 6-inch tower to place on top. You don’t need to put this away for the summer as it’s also designed for sand play. INFO $39.99 at createacastle.com.

Color My Worlds snow art kit

Credit: Color My Worlds
Snow may be fun, but it arrives in a color of one — that is until you introduce this snow brick maker. It can turn a snowman, snowballs or anything else snowy several colors. Nontoxic and washable, users mix colors with tablets then spray their subjects. Come summer, this product can also be used on the sand. INFO $24.99 at colormyworlds.com.

SnoFling Snowball Thrower

Credit: Richard Hite
Capable of tossing a snowball as far as 50 yards, the thrower only needs to jab the SnoFling into the snow and then throw. There’s no need to actually touch the snow at all. The toy comes in green, orange, yellow and pink. INFO $4.99 at thesnofling.com.

HearthSong ‘Decorate-a-Great’ snowman kit

Credit: HearthSong
Getting a snowman gussied up can be a challenge when relying on stuff inside the house, but this 40-piece kit includes facial features like ears, mouths, noses and eyes, as well as headwear and buttons. The accessories are crafted from wood and are easily attached to the snow person. Once your wintry guy has melted away, the kit also comes with a cloth bag for storage. INFO $44.98 at hearthsong.com.

Kyosho America ‘Readyset Blizzard 2.0’

Credit: Kyosho America
Not all remote control toys can function in the snow, but this mini-vehicle has two independent side-by-side motors and a suspension system on each wheel that allows it to tackle snow. It can also take on gravel, sand and hills. INFO $299.99 at kyoshoamerica.com.

Paricon foam snow prints

Credit: Amy Morton
With straps that adjust to boots of all sizes, these snowshoes can help wearers not only walk on top of snow but leave behind monstrous footprints too. Once assembled, the snow prints are slightly more than 14 inches in length. INFO Available at major online retailers; pricing varies between $20-$28. More info at pariconsleds.com.

BigMouth ‘Round Snowman Face’ snow tube

Credit: World Of Watersports | BigMouth Inc.
No one will question that this inflatable was meant to shoosh down wintry hills as it looks like the head of a classic snowman. The tube has handles and welded seams — and unlike your average sled, it can be folded up for easy offseason storage. INFO $27.99 at amazon.com. More info at bigmouthinc.com.

Team Magnus ‘Tundra Wolf’ racing sledge

Credit: Team Magnus Ltd.
This toboggan has a steel frame and can handle conditions ranging from fresh snow to hard frost. It can fit two children (ages 6 older) or adults (up to 220 pounds). The driver can steer and also use twin foot brakes to keep control. INFO $148 at team-magnus.com.

By Ian J. Stark
Special to Newsday

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