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Mickey Mouse toys are a guaranteed winner for any toddler or kid who obsessively watches The Mickey Mouse Clubhouse on Disney+ — or, you know, good old Youtube. (In case you’re unfamiliar, to sum it up: It showcases the same set of classic characters that we all grew up with but with more annoying songs that get stuck in our heads for hours on end.) But whether your kiddo is a fan of the show or is obsessed with Disney, in general, we moms and dads love nothing more than seeing our children light up with smiles when we give them the perfect gift. So, it’s no surprise that you’re searching for the best Mickey Mouse toys to make a birthday or holiday — or any other occasion, for that matter — truly memorable.
You could scroll all day long with the amount of Disney-themed toys on the market. But we’re here to help you save time and still make a great buy on a product your kid will love (and may even score you enough time to throw a load of laundry in or run the dishwasher). So without further ado, here are some of the best Mickey Mouse toys on the market for babies and toddlers. Hot dog!
Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Toys
Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Adventures Playset Hot Dog! This interactive toy lets your kiddo’s imagination run wild at the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Headquarters. It features lights and sounds that bring the adventure to life (yep, it even plays the “Hot Dog Song”), and is equipped with the Helping Hand Elevator and curved slide. There are also accessories galore, including Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Pluto, and Chip and Dale characters, plus a table, chair, telescope, and more! 

$39.99 AT AMAZON

Disney Mickey “Hot Dog Song” 12-Inch Singing Plush ToyA cozy, plush Mickey Mouse toy that your kiddo can cuddle up with and carry everywhere they goes? Pretty much every child’s dream—especially if they’re a fan of The Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. It plays “The Hotdog Song” from the show, and at 12 inches tall, it’s the perfect size for stuffie-toting tots to bring just about everywhere! 
$21.69 AT AMAZON
Mickey Mouse Toys For Toddlers & Babies
Green Toys Disney Baby Exclusive – Mickey Mouse StackerThis is your classic baby toy with a Mickey twist. It’s a standard stacker that encourages fine motor skills and will keep your child surprisingly occupied — for enough time for you to go to the bathroom, at least. It’s made from 100 percent recycled plastic and without BPA, phthalates, and PVC. It’s also dishwasher safe!
$10.49 AT AMAZON

The First Years Disney Baby Shoot & Store Bath Toy, Mickey MouseConsider this a great first basketball hoop for tots ages 18 months and up—or just a fun net that can help promote your child’s motor skills. The set includes three balls that float and the net comes with suction cups so it sticks to the wall without hassle (or damage). You can even use this in the bathtub. Score!
Kiddieland Disney Mickey Mouse Plane Light & Sound Activity Ride-OnWith any luck, your child will opt to ride this zooming airplane rather than climb all over your couch. The Mickey figure on the front moves to music, including the “Mickey Mouse March Song,” which your kiddo will love. They’ll be able to shift the gears, rev the engine with realistic sounds, and pretend to take off and land with propellers that rotate and light up. 
$46.04 AT AMAZON

Disney Mickey Mouse & Friends Soft & Cuddly Hand PuppetsThis hand puppet set includes the whole Mickey Mouse crew in soft, plush form—Mickey, Minnie, Donald and Goofy. Each puppet is approximately 10 inches in size and can fit either adult or child-sized hands. They are great to incorporate into story time and help foster hand-eye coordination, communication skills, and good ol’ fashioned fun. 
$16.99 AT AMAZON
Mickey Mouse Cars For Toddlers

VTech Go! Go! Smart Wheels Disney Mickey Mouse Gas and Go Repair ShopFor kids who simply love cars, this Mickey Mouse play set is a dream come true. In addition to driving Mickey’s car around the swirling track, they can do maintenance on the vehicle, too. In the repair shop, they’ll maneuver the lift, operate the car wash, and swing the spray paint arm to fix up Mickey’s ride. They’ll also enjoy driving the car to the set’s “SmartPoint locations,” which play phrases and sing-a-long songs when Mickey drives by!

$36.79 AT AMAZON

Disney Junior Mickey Mouse Outdoor and Explore CamperThis free play toy lets your child go on a camping adventure with Mickey and his best pup Pluto! The camper comes equipped with a kitchenette, dining table, and a ladder to the loft, as well as add-on accessories like a telescope, campfire logs, a grill, a boat, a fishing pole (with fish), and a tent. The vehicle also plays cool sound effects and Mickey Mouse phrases. In short, this set has all the makings of make-believe fun in the great outdoors, even when your kids are stuck inside. 
$24.99 AT AMAZON
Mickey Mouse Toys For Little Kids
Melissa & Doug Disney Mickey Mouse My Magnetic Daily CalendarThis magnetic daily calendar is a great way to teach your child about some of the most basic, albeit important, things in life, like the date, season, daily temperature, weather, emotions, and more. It comes with 81 wooden magnets that your child can use to arrange (and re-arrange) the calendar on a daily basis while gaining a better awareness of the world around them. 
$12.27 AT AMAZON
Melissa & Doug Mickey Mouse Pizza & CakeIf two of your child’s favorite things are pizza and cake, we have two things to say: One, they have great taste, and two, they will absolutely love this yummy set by Melissa & Doug. It includes a wooden cake and pizza that your little one can “slice” into four pieces. Then, they can customize each slice with 12 different pizza toppings, four cake toppings, and four candles. The last step is to serve their tasty masterpieces on the two included plates—clad with a rolling pizza cutter and cake server, of course. 
$19.88 AT AMAZON

Delta Children Kids Easel and Play Station If you’re looking for a Mickey Mouse toy that will really foster your child’s artistic development, you can’t go wrong with a classic art easel. This one has a magnetic try erase board (read: You’ll save on paper and refrigerator space) and it’s adjustable so it’ll grow with your kid. There’s also storage underneath for toys and art supplies, and it comes with a matching stool that’s just the right height for your petite Picasso. 
$54.99 AT AMAZON
Mickey Mouse & Friends Vehicles Wooden Sound PuzzleWhat kid doesn’t love a good chunky puzzle? And this one is arguably the best, because not only does it star Mickey Mouse and his pals in a variety of vehicles, it plays sounds and lights whenever your kid places the right piece! With positive reinforcement, this is an awesome beginner puzzle for tots who’ll be excited every time they make a match! 
$13.48 AT AMAZON
Although we only recommend picks we really love, we may earn a commission on purchases made through links from our site. Melissa & Doug Mickey Mouse & Friends Wo… $17.99 The First Years Disney Baby Shoot & Stor… $7.99 Disney Mickey Mouse & Friends Soft & Cud… $16.99 Green Toys Disney Baby Exclusive – Micke… $10.49 Mickey Mouse & Friends Vehicles Wooden S… $13.48 Melissa & Doug Disney Mickey Mouse My Ma… $12.27 VTech Go! Go! Smart Wheels Disney Mickey… $36.79 The First Years Disney Mickey Mouse Baby… $6.99 Kiddieland Disney Mickey Mouse Plane Lig… $46.04 Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Adventures Playse… $39.99 Disney Mickey “Hot Dog Song” 12-Inc… $21.69 Disney Junior Mickey Mouse Outdoor and E… $24.99 KIDS PREFERRED Disney Baby Mickey Mouse … $22.94 Delta Children Kids Easel and Play Stati… $54.99 Melissa & Doug Mickey Mouse Pizza & Cake $19.88 Mickey Mouse Bookcase $49.53 Disney Mickey Mouse Indoor Playhouse $99.99

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