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As soon as the first snowflake hits the ground, your kids start jumping up and down chanting ‘snow day’ and begging you to suit up and take them outside to play in the powder. But after you’ve built a snowman, made a couple of snow angels and had a brief snowball fight, you look at your watch and realize that only 15 minutes have gone by and you’ve already run out of ideas for outdoor play. This is when snow toys come in handy. Check out our list of top picks to maximize the outdoor entertainment and make the most of those fresh flurries.
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1. Create a Castle Sand or Snow Castle Mold Set

Snow castles are totally a thing, but success hinges on both the scope of the project and the tools available. Enter this snow toy set, which includes all the tools required to create a truly impressive scaled down snow structure—windows and all. The end result? A creative snow project that will inspire pride in builders of all ages.
$40 at Amazon

2. Paricon Snowball Makers

Keep mittens dry and little fingers warm with these snowball makers, which boast a surface that prevents clogs and “drops snowballs like they were greased.” This toy comes in both a two and a four-pack, so you can invest in supplies for a kids-only snowball fight or potentially a full-family affair (depending on the size of your brood). Best of all, these clever tools ensure that play stays fair and square, because an enormous snow boulder will definitely bring your youngest to tears, but these 3-inch rounds are just right.
$10 at Amazon

3. Evelots Perfect Snowman Decorating Kit

It takes a lot of snow and elbow grease to pull off a decent snowman. And after all that hard work, your creation should look the part—but whether this requires a grocery store run for a carrot is up to you. We suggest you let the young ones expend their energy on the engineering process and then phone it in with the accessories. Scoop up this snowman decorating kit—complete with scarf, pipe, hat, carrot nose—and the finishing touches will be a breeze.
$10 at Amazon

4. Airhead Scoot Youth Snow Scooter

Remember that time you told your child she couldn’t scoot because it just snowed? Well, whether you meant to or not, you lied. No biggie, you can both laugh that one off when your babe unwraps this super cool gift—a recreational wonder that is part kick-scooter, part ski. Obviously, your young one will love gliding over snow mountains on this sucker.
$30 at Amazon

5. A-DUDU Snow Tube

When it comes to snow play, a good sledding vehicle is indispensable. That said, the average toboggan is bulky and downright annoying as soon as things start to defrost. Well, friends, the solution is inflatable: When you want to save space all you have to do is deflate. Best of all, this durable snow tube boasts a special coating that guarantees a faster ride (plus highly functional handles for the nervous parent standing by).
$30 at Amazon

6. Matty’s Toy Stop 28“ Heavy Duty Wooden Snow Shovels with Plastic Scoop & Handle for Kids

You know how much you hate shoveling the driveway? Well, your preschooler can’t get enough of it. Put him to work and call it play with these amazing, kid-friendly snow shovels. These pretend play tools pass muster because of their high-quality, lightweight construction: easy to grip plastic handles, a sturdy wooden stick and a durable plastic shovel. OK, so your 3-year-old is probably not going to help get the job done…but having an instrument that encourages him to ‘shovel’ a separate plot while you do the real work is nothing to sneeze at.
$36 at Amazon

7. Tomser Snowball Maker Tool Kit

Spring for this snowball making kit and your kid will have plenty of options. The set includes tools for making snowballs of various sizes—you know, so she can go easy on the little ones—along with a host of other toys that toddlers will enjoy, too. Trust us, even the smallest child in your family will make good use of the spade, shovel, molds and bucket in the mix whilst sitting out the snowball fight. The takeaway? This product has snow play appeal for kids of all ages.
$40 at Amazon

8. Fisca Remote Control Snow Plow

If you’ve got an automobile enthusiast in your home, you may already be familiar with the novelty and joy that a remote control toy provides. This snow plow vehicle is particularly exciting because it can actually be taken outside over the months your child is typically cooped up. Still, the manufacturer cautions that this electronic snow plow does its best work after a light snow. (In other words, don’t take it out after a blizzard.)
$50 at Amazon

9. The Big Dig Excavator Crane Toy

This contraption looks like something fit for the Wizard of Oz—and yet, there’s a good chance your tot can operate it with ease, while benefiting from a motor skill lesson to boot. Digging, dumping and 360 degree swiveling are among the features that make this snow toy so thrilling. More good news: It works just the same in the sand as it does in the snow…so you just found a year-round winner.
$41 at Amazon

10. Airhead Snow Brick Maker

Kids can turn out perfectly shaped and firmly packed bricks of snow with this simple but effective toy. And once the building blocks are made, the possibilities are endless. Bottom line: This one might not look fancy, but your budding architect will have a blast with this brick maker and the hands-on play it encourages.
Buy it ($17)

11. Paricon Flexible Flyer Sled

No winter toy collection is complete without a sled and this one, made with birchwood and steel runners, is a real beaut that drives like a dream—namely because it’s actually steerable. The sleek, high-quality design guarantees extra speed on the slopes, so bigger kids can get their thrills, while the pre-drilled holes provided the option of attaching a rope, so parents can take little kids for a gentler ride. Plus, the classic aesthetic makes this sled especially easy on the eyes.
Buy it ($80)

12. Slippery Racer Downhill Pro Saucer Disc

Don’t have space in your home to store a bulky sled? No problem—just opt for these saucer discs for a space-saving option that nevertheless promises to send your child flying down snow-covered hills. The slick coating on these puppies makes them super effective and the molded grip handles ensure kids don’t get left behind when the saucer starts to pick up speed. Best of all, these come in a pack of three so siblings and friends can get in on the fun, too—and when the joyride is over, all you have to do is shake ‘em off and stack for easy storage.
Buy it ($47)

13. Color My Worlds Sand and Snow Coloring Kit

What could be better than building a snowman? Answer: Building a psychedelic snowman. Sure, colorful snow doesn’t have the best reputation, but this coloring kit will change your mind. This product promises to bring extra creativity to outdoor play and the novelty of transforming a wintry white yard into a rainbow-colored fantasyland will be enjoyed by kids of all ages. Bonus: These dyes work on snow and sand alike, so you can also get use of it when the weather warms up—if you have any left, that is.
$20 at Amazon

14. Albott Ride On Outdoor Kids Toys Working Crane

Hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills get a workout with this heavy-duty steel frame bulldozer. Kids can hop on and get to work in the backyard, using the dual handles to lift, haul and plow snow to their hearts’ content. Best of all, this ride-on boasts a sturdy construction, ensuring both the safety and comfort of your kid, and the potential for many years of entertainment.
$60 at Amazon

15. Amenon Amphibious Remote Control Stunt Car

This waterproof wonder can actually drive on water, but it works just as well on snowy terrain where it can reach speeds of up to 12 miles per hour. Tumbling, flipping, spinning, rolling and racing are among the many stunts this remote control car can perform—and the anti-interference feature means that two of these cars can operate in the same place at the same time without getting their signals crossed. (Good news if you have more than one child at home.)
$28 at Amazon

16. Costway Metal Snow Racer Sled with Steering Wheel and Brakes

Another great option for the sledding enthusiast, this snow racer features a steering column, a center ski for extra stability when turning, functioning brakes for extra safety, and a plush cushioned seat for maximum comfort. This steel-frame sled is durable and lightweight to boot (so you won’t break your back getting it to the top of the hill). Yep, this one pretty much has it all—and since it’s built to last for years, the price tag is fair, too.
Buy it ($90)

17. Tecbox Outdoor Snow Toy Set

This set of BPA-free plastic sand-and-snow toys is sure to be a hit with the little kid crowd. Toddlers can use the various molds to make shapes in the snow or simply shovel and rake the fresh powder and, of course, the water mill is a classic toy for teaching the valuable concept of cause and effect. This one is definitely intended for the under three set, but it does its job in snow, sand and water. (Tip: Throw this one in the bathtub when the outdoor fun is done.)
Buy it ($19)

18. JuLam Penguin Snow Mold

Your child can transform your backyard into a scene from March of the Penguins with this well-made, flexible penguin mold. This one works like a charm—just add snow and it will pop out a penguin in two seconds flat, and unlike some of the dinky sand toys, the finished product is a decent size. Plus how freakin’ cute is the design?
BUY IT ($20)
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