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By Stephanie Osmanski 

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If you think shopping for a TikTok-ing teenager is difficult, then you’ve clearly never shopped for a 1-year-old. Whether you’re shopping for 1 year old birthday gifts or just great gifts for a one year old, including gifts for boys and gifts for girls, we rounded up the 50 best gifts for 1 year olds. From best toys to even birthday gift ideas, these gift ideas for 1 year old boys and girls will make shopping easy-peasy.We’ve included everything from educational toys that develop babies’ brains to must-have essentials that make parenting a little easier. Here are the best gifts for 1 year olds.50 Best Gifts for 1-Year-Olds1.  Price Disclaimer Did you think you could get away from Baby Shark (do do do do do do do) in 2020? Think again. The viral PinkFong video now makes and sells everything from books and shape-sorting toys to play dough sets. And even though its 15 minutes of fame has passed, Baby Shark is still baby-approved.2.  Price Disclaimer This wooden piano from Baby Einstein magically makes music when your little one touches the keys.3.  Price Disclaimer OK, this one’s more for the baby’s parents’ peace of mind, but that’s a gift in itself, right? The Owlet Smart Baby Monitor Duo set comes with a sock that features a built-in monitor that assesses your baby’s heart rate and oxygen levels as well as a standard baby monitor cam that streams HD video to your smartphone.4.  Price Disclaimer One-year-olds can learn how to stand steadily on two feet with this balance bike that also doubles as a starter walker.5.  Price Disclaimer This environmentally-friendly starter pack features a jingling key ring, stacking cups, and an elephant on wheels.6.  Price Disclaimer This wooden racer track comes with four mini cars in red, yellow, green, and blue so babies can learn about colors as they zoom their car down the track.7.  Price Disclaimer This light up toy gives your 1-year-old prompts like, “Whack me when I’m red!” Not only do babies learn to follow directions as they get older, it also helps kids learn essential hand-eye coordination skills that are important to development.8.  Price Disclaimer This 30-button sound book Around the Farm from Eric Carle gives kids an inside look at the farm.9.  Price Disclaimer Got a future Michael Jordan on your hands? Kids can dunk and score socccer goals on this VTech Smart Shot Sports Center toy.10.  Price Disclaimer From making music on the xylophone to understanding shapes, this wooden block ball playset can be played in many different ways.11.  Price Disclaimer This musical floormat makes sounds as kids explore the keys by crawling and rolling on them.12.  Price Disclaimer Because kids love anything that sings and dances, right? This minion, named Bob, moves his arms like a disco dancer while 70s music blasts around him.13.  Price Disclaimer Dr. Seuss is a no-brainer pick for young kids, who love the rhymes and the bright graphics. This Happy Birthday, Baby! book keeps on giving as it can be read every year on your little one’s special day.14.  Price Disclaimer The Rock-a-Mole guitar features three different buttons that play six songs, six guitar riffs, and colorful lights. You can also roll the avocado‘s pit to set off four fun guitar riffs.15.  Price Disclaimer Sticking these carrots into the “ground” of this shape-sorting toy can help develop babies’ hand-eye coordination and motor skills.16.  Price Disclaimer For little builders in training, these soft, plush tools make the perfect beginner’s tool set.17.  Price Disclaimer This Frozen-themed ride-on features the original soundtrack of “Do You Want to Build a Snowman?” so babies can jam to their favorite tune while riding around the living room.18.  Price Disclaimer Babies love bath toys! This one sticks onto the tile wall to create an interactive waterfall that keeps kids entertained so parents can soap up their hair!19.  Price Disclaimer You may not be teaching your baby about money management just yet, but 1-year-olds love sorting, which makes this beginner’s piggy bank a great gift option.20.  Price Disclaimer Are you a TikTok Mom? Involve your baby in your dances by using the LÍLLÉbaby Pursuit Sport Lightweight SIX-Position Ergonomic Baby & Child Carrier to support your hands-free dance moves.21.  Price Disclaimer This interactive ride-on toy plays Minnie’s favorite music and also features honking noises, a working steering wheel, and Minnie and Mickey characters on the side that slide and move.22.  Price Disclaimer Stimulate your little one’s brain with their First 100 Board Book Box Set. Featuring three books total, this book set helps kids learn important first words, differentiate colors, and even learn about the sounds different animals make.23.  Price Disclaimer Featuring a tent, ball pit, and long tunnel, the UTEX 3-in-1 Pop-Up will keep little ones entertained all the way until their afternoon nap.24.  Price Disclaimer Kids love keys, right? These toy car keys are safe for babies, non-toxic, and look just like the real thing.25.  Price Disclaimer Wood blocks are a great gift for 1-year-olds because they come with so many pieces and encourage imaginative play in young minds.26.  Price Disclaimer When you squeeze the handlebars, one of five colorful balls come flying out of the bottom.27.  Price Disclaimer Part ride-on toy, part shape-sorter, this Disney Minnie Mouse Play n’ Sort Activity Train plays music, features flashing lights, and challenges kids to sort shapes into the right hole.28.  Price Disclaimer Lights, music, sounds, a toggle switch, and a turn dial make Baby’s first smartwatch hilariously authentic.29.  YEEBAY Interactive Whack A Frog Game, Learning, Active, Early Developmental Toy, Fun Gift for Age 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 Years Old Kids, Boys, Girls,2 Hammers Included Price Disclaimer Whack-a-Frog comes with two soft hammers and two different game modes. As babies grow, you can adjust the game to their level.30.  Price Disclaimer This traditional blue rocking horse actually works with Alexa, so parents can download the Little Tikes Play Big Skill on any Alexa-enabledAmazon device so babies can go on imaginative adventures while rocking back and forth.31.  Price Disclaimer At 1, your baby might be just starting to develop an affection for certain characters. They might not be able to voice it yet, but if they watch Doc McStuffins on Disney Junior 24/7, they’ll appreciate this doctor dress-up kit that comes with Doc’s signature labcoat, stethoscope, sparkly pink headband, and name badge.32.  Price Disclaimer Got a water baby on your hands? The SwimWays Sun Canopy Baby Boat looks like a friendly turtle and features an enlarged air chamber to provide better stability on the water.33.  Price Disclaimer All parents know it: Sometimes 1-year-olds have trouble sleeping. If this is the case, a white noise machine could be a naptime gamechanger. This one from WavHello features a silent volume wheel, six white noise tracks, and a rechargeable battery.34.  Price Disclaimer As 1-year-olds continue to crawl, stand up, and even walk, parents might be looking for something to keep them in one area. This portable play yard gives your baby all the space they need to play, while keeping them safe from the elements.35.  Price Disclaimer Made from recycled plastic, this Little Tikes truck with garden tools comes with a trailer, shovel, rake, and features two cup holders for milk or juice.36.  Price Disclaimer This wooden push toy from Melissa & Doug features fun characters like three alligators whose mouths click and clack as you go, butterflies, and fish.37.  Price Disclaimer Featuring 60 vibrantly-colored plastic balls, this turtle-themed ball pit zips up for easy storage when it’s not in use.38. 

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