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Virtual learning, canceled playdates, no trick-or-treating…it’s been a rough year for kids. And while we should, of course, be tending to their emotional needs, sometimes a great gift can be a highly effective way to cheer children up (not to mention a way to distract them long enough so you can actually get some laundry done). And with Prime Day happening right this second, parents can scoop up a brilliant selection of toys for bargain prices. Here’s the deal: Prime Day is happening on October 13th and 14th, and it’s exclusive to Prime members—so make sure to sign up for a Prime account if you don’t have one yet. Ready to go? Here are the best kids’ toys to add to cart right now.RELATED: The Best Amazon Prime Day DealsYour kid is obsessed with L.O.L dolls which means they’re going to freak out over this house, the ultimate hangout spot for all their favorite toys. With over 85 surprises inside, the house features three floors, six rooms and a working elevator. Outside, there’s a real pool for cold water, a hot tub for warm water and a sandbox for L.O.L Surprise! Pets. Um, can we move in?$200; $150 at AmazonWho needs a playground when you have this wooden playset? With enough room for ten kids, this one promises plenty of entertainment for your entire brood plus their pod. Seriously—it features a clubhouse, a suspended rope bridge, a vertical climbing net and a built-in ladder. After a spin on the rope swings and a trip down the long wavy slide, kids can unwind with an afternoon snack on the built-in picnic table.$1599; $1218 at AmazonPsst: The mega retailer is offering up to 30 percent off on Marvel and Star Wars toys today and tomorrow. There are plenty of cool playthings to choose from but this action figure set with Magneto, Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch is a popular favorite.$60; $39 at AmazonYo, ho, ho! For kids who love pirate ships and sharks (ahem, basically all kids), this pick from Fisher-Price is going to blow them straight out of the water. Tots will love rolling the ship along to make the “fins” move and pushing the Power Pad to activate the “shark biting” action—perfect for capturing prisoners. Set includes two pirate figures, two helmets, two swords, one cannon ball, four projectiles, a spyglass and treasure.$50; $36 at AmazonCalling all teenage artists: this pen is for you. As you use the device, heated plastic comes out which instantly hardens, turning your creation in a 3D masterpiece. Change colors and nozzles to customize your piece. So, what will it be—a car model? The Eiffel Tower? The possibilities are endless.$74; $56 at AmazonFor the kid who always wants to steal your Apple Watch, get them their very own mini version instead. This high-tech pick lets kids take pictures and videos, play games and tell time. No promises that they won’t continue running late for online class, though.$45; $32 at AmazonIf a family-friendly round of Catan is your idea of the ideal weekend activity, then this top-rated expansion pack will kick game night up a notch. In this version, players control a group of seafaring settlers exploring the uncharted Isles of Catan. Settle the home island, build ships, and chart nearby waters in this game for three to four players.$42; $29 at AmazonFinally, your kid can scribble and draw to their heart’s content—and you don’t have to worry about them getting “artwork” all over the living room walls. With 12 washable animal figures and 12 washable markers, this fun activity lets children get as creative as they like with their design, before using the scrub tub and scrub brushes to wash it all off and start again.$36; $28 at AmazonThis activity gym for tots comes with a climber and slide, with a cheerful design based on popular character Buster the bus. It’s interactive too—the steering wheel plays “wheels on the bus” and makes sounds when you honk the horn. Extra bonus? This plaything is water-resistant so you can bring the fun outdoors.$115; $97 at AmazonThis travel-friendly and aesthetically-pleasing activity mat features three removable accessories to play with and a thick mat to lie on. Infants will love gazing up at the starry sky above and moms will love having someplace to put baby down for a minute so they can make a cup of coffee.$40; $28 at AmazonYour kid has been begging you for a pet for the last couple of months but there’s no way you could add another family member to your brood right now. Enter this genius toy that moves and sounds like the real deal, including meows, nuzzling and rolling over for tummy rubs. And the best part? There’s no litter box to clean or shedding all over your couch.$110; $77 at AmazonRELATED: The 75 Best Gifts for Kids of Every Age, From 0 to 15
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