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Kids love toys, we know that! We also know that it’s difficult to keep them interested in the same toy for long. Thus, to keep them engaged and make playing fun and interactive for them, we suggest educational toys as a great option.

Kids up to the age 5 are in a phase of exploring almost everything. This is also the time they become more verbal, develop basic cognitive skills and begin to understand simple counting, alphabets and more. This perhaps, is also the best time to introduce them to Educational Toys that are not only fun to play with but would also help your child in discovering their interests and learn something on the way!

We’ve listed some interesting options that your little one would simply love. Read on.

Webby Wooden Capital Alphabets Letters Learning Educational Puzzle Toy for Kids
Toys play a vital role in a child’s development as the varied colours, shapes, and sizes help engage their senses and spark their imagination. One of the most elementary yet engaging learning toys is this wooden ABC puzzle board. This vibrant set comes in bright colours such as Blue, Orange, Green, Red and Yellow. Made of wood and non-toxic paint, with this puzzle board you can introduce your child to alphabets. You can go a step further and teach your kid to make words by combining single alphabets. Sturdy with smooth edges, these alphabets are safe to be used by kids. Recommended for kids above 2 years. Big, bold and bright letters make it easy for the kids to differentiate between individual letters.

CraftDev Wooden Intellectual Geometric Shapes Matching Five Column Blocks Educational & Learning Toys for Kids +3 Years
This geometric blocks stack is perfect for kids above 3 years as by that time they can learn as well as differentiate between shapes. Made of wood, the puzzle board features different geometric shapes such as circle, square, triangle, rectangle and pentagon. Each shape is carved on wood and is painted in bright colours with non-toxic paint. Safe and extremely interesting, your child not just learns about different shapes but can also create different patterns with them. The wooden board consists of wooden sticks with rounded edges, thus making it safe for children. Bright red, blue green, yellow and orange colours make this set attractive as well as educational.
FunBlast® Wooden Digital Colourful Train, Educational Model Vehicle Toys , Vehicle Pattern 0 to 9 Number, Educational Learning Toys for Kids
Introduce your little one to the magic of numbers with this super fun digital toy train that has 1 engine and 10 wooden trains with 4 sliding wheels. This all-in-one wooden set has bright numbers that make this set attractive to the kids. Recommended for age 2 and above, this educational set is innovatively crafted that helps the child learn numbers, colours, counting and building skills. This learning toy is durable and safe for children. Mix and match the numbers on wheels and let your little one create his / her own toy train.

Frank – 10216 Wild Animals Puzzle For 3 Year Old Kids And Above
Ideal for children of age 3 years and above, this puzzle set helps your child recognise and piece together different wild animals. Containing 3 puzzles with 4, 5 and 6 pieces, this jig saw has outlines of a deer, a hippopotamus and a panda. Perfect for building your child’s logical thinking, fine motor skills, concentration, visual skills and hand-eye coordination, the trial and error in piecing the puzzle helps them to become patient as well. Bold outlines on the frame helps in easy differentiation. This colourful set has used non-toxic ink for printing and is made with good quality materials.

Play Panda Magnetic Learn to Spell : Animals with 32 Picture Magnets, 72 Letter Magnets, Magnetic Board and Spelling Guide
This magnetic board with spelling guide is an all-rounder as it consists of 32 picture magnets, 72 letter magnets, a magnetic board, spelling guide and 2 magic seal pouches that let you easily store the magnets. Your child can also identify the object in the picture. Great for learning and associating letters and objects, the spelling guide facilitates the introduction to simple words. Helps in developing early reading skills, word formation and spelling, this durable and handy product is a must-have. With beautifully illustrated pictures, these magnets can be placed on the board and can be used to spell the word in the picture.

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