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Raising a toddler is indeed a task. However, the bigger task is to keep them occupied especially when you have other things to do as well. Of course, you simply cannot keep them tied and sitting in one place when all they love is to hop and jump. Moreover, keeping them engaged in front of the screen is definitely not a good idea. And there comes the need of a good art and craft game. Apart from enhancing their creativity, an art and craft game will keep them glued at one place meanwhile you can finish off your chores.

If this sounds interesting, then here are some of the art and craft games to keep your toddlers busy.

Paper Cup Art

A fun, drawing in DIY paper cup craft and art kit for toddlers over 5 years old to make their own special characters and articles utilizing make material inside the pack. The pack contains 14 paper cups, 28 craft papers, 14 character cutouts, sketch pens, googly eyes, plastic scissors, glue, and a plan booklet with 30 inventive structures and pretend story. Make your own plans utilizing the paper cups or take motivation from the plan booklet that accompanies bit by bit guidelines. Get your toddler to become innovative by making creatures, beasts, or items and weave stories around these utilizing patterns of feelings like delight, outrage, misery, and so forth that come in the pack.

Kids Block Printing DIY Kit

Intended to sharpen masterful capacities at a young age, this one falls in the Artistic area of our A.G.E.S arrangement. Particularly intended for little hands, it incorporates three thick wooden squares, 6 distinctive shading paint pots, and 4 welcome card formats with messages. For all Art and Animal Lovers. Craftsmanship and Craft Kit with Wooden Stamps, Paint, and Greeting Cards to keep your children drew in and away from screen time. Incorporates three creatures and bloom stamps for youngsters. Perfect for all little children and children who love stepping, shading, and painting. Upgrades net engine aptitudes, Improves visual-spatial coordination, elevates innovativeness, Improves visual discernment. Intended to sharpen aesthetic capacities at a youthful age, this one falls in the Artistic space of our A.G.E.S arrangement. Particularly intended for small hands.

Art and Murals DIY, Activity Kit

The “Art and Murals” pack comprises of differing, intelligent, and age-suitable exercises for kids to investigate with an assortment of specialty materials and assimilate inventiveness. Holding paintbrush, figuring out how to control the paint, and taking care of other workmanship instruments which will likewise improve the hand-eye engine coordination. This movement packs are intended to support innovativeness and interest through experiential play. Each unit contains a scope of intriguing exercises that involve instructive ventures, riddles, games, and S.T.E.M activities. Genius Box packs are centered around creating significant aptitudes that urge youngsters to convey, make, offer, play, and adapt normally.

Wood Beads Jewellery Kit

Searching for the ideal present for your daughter? The Ekta wood dabs adornments pack is the perfect approach. Young ladies love a wide range of gems, be it genuine or counterfeit, hand-created, or financially made, they love gathering and wearing it. Urge your little one to structure her own adornments with this flawless dots set. Little youngsters matured five or more can learn and ace the craft of structuring adornments with this globule gems pack. It includes 150 globules, each hand-created and produced using the best wood to give your blessed messenger a genuine feel and enchanting look. Make striking and basic proclamation pieces of jewelry, long hoops or studs, bracelets, anklets, and numerous different sorts of gems. She will adore the freedom and feel the inventiveness stream with this wooden dots gems unit.

The Penguin – Sewing Kit

Find the delight of sewing and binding with this awesome DIY make a pack for making felt manikins. It fills in as the ideal blessing to keep kids locked in. The pack accompanies a youngster benevolent plastic needle with a blunted edge and pre-perforated the felt pieces. Contains all the necessary material for making the manikin including the felt pieces, adornments, and stuffing and simple to adhere to guidelines with pictures. The unit additionally incorporates a lovable, delineated anecdote about the manikin that you can peruse out or play out once the manikin is prepared! This is an incredible starter unit for your innovative minimal one! Joined by a plastic needle with a blunted edge these units are entirely ok for youngsters to utilize.

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