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Bentley has long been in the business of delivering luxury products, whether they’re cars, home decor, apparel, and even toys, to know that every little detail counts in carving a premium experience. With the latest collection, it similarly cuts no corners when it comes to quality, offering products suited for various ages.

These being Bentley products, they’re priced to match, so more expensive than supermarket counterparts. But they stand out for the high quality materials used, the history attached to every item and the aforementioned attention to detail, so promises Bentley.

“It’s never too early to join the World of Bentley, and for budding Bentley Boys and Bentley Girls they can find hours of fun and games designed to delight and entertain them from Bentley’s exclusive collection of items for children,” the company says in a press release.

For Bentley Boys and Girls aged 3+, for example, there’s a Bentley Garage made of FSC-certified wood. Wooden toys are more durable than plastic versions, easier to maintain and, as of the past couple of years, more popular. The three-storey garage includes functional turntables, manual elevator, heliport, fuel pump and washing station, and a perspex side wall with the Bentley logo. It costs £85 ($106), and you’ll have to find the vehicles to use inside on your own.

Older kids can have their fun in a more active manner, with the Continental Ride-On Car (£85 / $120). Based on the Continental GT, it comes in White and Dragon Red, and has functional steering wheel, horn and a selection of musical tones, so the kid driver can have a blast while rolling around the neighborhood. It also has a back rest and rear anti-topple feature, and even storage space under the seat for whatever treasures the kid finds on the way.

For family fun, there’s the Ravensburger Memory Game and, for kids older than 9, the 300-piece Ravensburger puzzle. Another notable addition to the collection is the Birkin Teddy Bear, named after the most famous Bentley Boy Sir Henry “Tim” Birkin. Priced £42 ($52), this teddy is marketed as the kind of toy you hand down generation to generation.
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